Victory of “Mountain Bandits” Over the Coalition of Terrorist ‘Superpowers’

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The Taliban – The Only Bastion Of Islam on Earth

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

[Note: This was written just prior to the horrific invasion, occupation, and terrorization of Afghanistan in 2001. The Talibaan, the world’s most feared fighting force, have since then re-acquired most of their previous territory, prompting the world coalition of terrorist super-powers recently to plea for negotiations]

The coalition of the kuffaar, including the kuffaar governments holding sway in the lands of Islam, under the leadership of U.S.A., are portraying the Talibaan as terrorists. But who are the real terrorists, terrorizing the weak and defenseless millions of civilians in the so-called third world countries?

This question will be answered elsewhere on this page.

To appease the American public which is baying for blood as a result of the events which happened recently and to redeem something of its shattered superpower image, America has been desperately seeking a scapegoat. It has now found its scapegoat – the Talibaan. The plot is to eliminate this one and only base of Islam. This, the kuffaar coalition intends to do and justify by labeling the Talibaan as ‘terrorists’, yet every intelligent and impartial observer is well aware of the status and policies of the Talibaan. The Talibaan have never engaged in any activities which could be described as terrorism. Their action is noting but Jihad – the Jihad of Islam which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded be waged until the Day of Qiyaamah.


The world of the kuffaar has united in a satanic coalition to eliminate Islam – a goal which it will never achieve because the Qur’aan gives the assurance that never will these kuffaar be able to extinguish the Light of Allah. Islam is the Light of Allah and it will endure until the end of time. The paranoid fear of the kuffaar world, the cowardice of the so-called superpowers and their impotence to fight a clean conventional war against the Talibaan – the only Bastion of Islam – despite their ‘mighty’ armies, massive fire-power, advance technology, nuclear capacity, a coalition of dozens of countries, all members of the unholy alliance, local support in the form of the shaitaani Northern Alliance and all the advantages of modern technology-have constrained the miserable conglomeration to now openly adopt every kind of terroristic method in the desperate bid to destroy the Talibaan.


While the coalition of kuffaar enjoys massive superiority in every mundane field, the Talibaan have nothing-absolutely nothing. In fact the U.S.A., and its allies have clearly and repeatedly stated the worldly weaknesses of the Talibaan and their almost total lack of technology. There is no infrastructure in Afghanistan. There are no strategic targets to hit. There is no regular and conventional army. They have an assortment  of obsolete and grossly inferior weapons-remnants of the humiliated Russia empire. There is no telecommunication system. There is no air force. There is no navy. There is no wealth – no money, no economy as the western kuffaar understand it. In the pastoral land of Afghanistan not even the pastoral industry is on a proper footing.

There are millions of destitute. There is no industry – no technology whatsoever. The Talibaan are not trained military fighters in the western conception, hence the west can afford to label them as ‘mountain bandits’. Afghanistan is a Land of Rubble – rubble produced by the acts of terror of terrorists armed by the west.

What is the need to muster such a formidable coalition of superpowers and dozens of other countries to combat a handful of ‘mountain bandits’ in a Land of Rubble? What causes such immense fear in the hearts of the kuffaar for such paupers as the Talibaan? The secret is not far to search. It is Islam. Putting it succinctly, Sayyiduna Umar Ibn Khattaab (radhiyallahu anhu) declared:

“We are a nation whom Allah has honored with Islam.”


“US President George Bush has built a formidable coalition behind his stated intention to wage war against terrorism and those states that support it.”

“For the first time in its history, the Talibaan face enemies wherever they look. Russia, China, Iran and India all want the Talibaan hardliners out.” (And all the kuffaar of the satanic coalition also want the Talibaan out.)

“With the overt approval of Moscow, the former Soviet Republics of Kazakhstan, Tajikstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are also co-operating with the United States.”

“The  United States and Britain already have a  large military presence of troops, aircraft and warships based in the Middle East, and have authorized more troops and warships to join the existing troops.”

“Talibaan fighting air power will be like a pea-shooter against an elephant.”

“The US military action will be a walk in the park, (kuffaar) experts say.”

These kuffaar speak of their ‘mighty’ armies, formidable airpower and navies. While they brag about their powers of mass destruction and ridicule the Talibaan, they still feel constrained to enter into an alliance of world states to face the handful of impoverished ‘mountain bandits’. 


You have read in the papers what the kuffaar coalition has to say. But Allah Ta’ala states in His Glorious Book:



“The earth belongs to Allah. He grants it to whomever of His servants He wishes.”

About the plots of the kuffaar coalition and alliance, the Qur’aan Hakeem states:

“If you have taqwa and sabr, never will their plots harm you in any way.”

“And Allah suffices for the Mu’mineen in war. He is The Powerful, The Mighty.”

About the kuffaar enemies, Allah Ta’ala states:

“Soon will your Rabb destroy your enemies and grant you political control of the earth. He will then see how you act.”


The Qur’aan Majeed commands the Mu’mineen to focus their gaze on only Allah Ta’ala, and not to be awed by the ‘formidable’ worldly power of the kuffaar coalition: The Qur’aan states:

“Do not be awed by their material wealth and their children. Verily, Allah intends to punish them with these things in this world and extract their souls while they are kaafiroon.”

The massive firepower and the massive coalition of cowardly states of kufr should not be a concern for the Talibaan as long as their gaze is focused on Allah Ta’ala. The Muslim army does not fight on its stomach like the kuffaar. Its bastion and springboard are Imaan. The Talibaan are expected to fight on Imaan and then with their “pea shooters” they will wrought havoc to the mighty and formidable air forces of Nato and the  American kuffaar coalition. The Soviets had learnt the lesson the hard and the humiliating way. We make dua  that America with its coalition will be next in line to learn this lesson of life and history.

The Qur’aan states: “You, (O Allah!) bestows honour to whomsoever you wish and you disgrace whomsoever you wish.”


It is now the duty of all Muslims to supplicate earnestly and constantly for the victory of the Talibaan and for the humiliating defeat of the kuffaar alliance of marauders.

The alliance of the kuffaar has been forged to terrorize Muslims in Afghanistan and elsewhere, to further reduce to rubble their homes by means of cowardly and brutal air bombardment, and to create massive exodus of civilians from their homes. This is precisely happening at this moment in Afghanistan from where hundreds of thousands of civilians are migrating to safer ground as direct consequence of the terror tactics of the American leader of the kuffaar coalition.

Prior to unleashing its contemplated hot terrorism, the U.S.A. is engaging in its campaign of cold  terrorism which has resulted in the mass exodus of hundreds of thousands of Afghans from their home. Is this mass disruption and imposed suffering and horrendous policy not an act of terrorism? Are the daily massacres in Palestine by the Israeli terrorists not acts of terror befitting the strongest condemnation? Are the horrendous crimes of murder, rape. pillage, plunder and wholesale aerial slaughter of Muslim villages perpetrated daily by the Russian barbarians in Chechnya not acts of the worst kind of terrorism?

Those who support the Talibaan are labeled terrorists, but those who support and enter into coalition with the terrorists states of Israel and Russia are not terrorists!!! This is the double standard principle of the kuffaar. Muslims should understand that all kufr is a single breed and all kufr is aligned against Imaan – this includes the kufr of the so-called Muslim rulers and governments who are aligning themselves with the kuffaar coalition against the Talibaan who in todays’ world are the only Soldiers of Islam in  the only Bastion of Islam, namely, Afghanistan.

Muslims must stretch their hands towards heaven and place their heads on the ground supplicating and crying to Allah Azza Wa Jal.


The Ummah is at a critical juncture of its history. The kuffaar coalition is poised to swallow the World of Islam. We appear to stand by impotent, unable to defend our Deen and Honor. But Allah Ta’ala has put in the field a small band of wonderful and noble “MOUNTAIN BANDITS” who are proudly holding aloft the Flag of Islam in a raging ocean of kufr. We make dua from the innermost recesses of our hearts that Allah Ta’ala will award this noble band of “Mountain Bandits” with an honorable and a resounding victory over the forces of shaitaan. May Allah Ta’ala eliminate the coalition of kuffaar and afflict on them a crushing and a humiliating defeat from the heavens. Aameen thumma Anmeen!!!


Not a single act of terrorism can be laid at the doorstep of the Talibaan since their  inception to power. It is the Talibaan who had eradicated the terrorists who had held Afghanistan to ransom. The Talibaan  came and established law, order and more importantly, peace in the land. The Talibaan introduced the Shariah and acted in accord with the Shariah. Since the kuffaar are the enemies of Islam, they and all their kuffaar cronies under Muslim guise in Muslim countries labeled the Shariah as ‘barbaric’, medieval’ , etc.

The Talibaan have been locked in a Jihad against  the satanic northern alliance consisting of a medley of kuffaar, communists, Shiahs and anti-Shariah ignorant Muslims averse to the Sunnah of Rasulallah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). The war with these enemies of Islam is a valid Jihad. There is no resemblances with terrorism which western countries in general and USA in particular perpetrate under cover of UN ‘respectability’.

The wars of the Talibaan are not terrorism. Their wars are Jihad. Terrorism is the brutal murder of almost 200,000 civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the unforgivable act of terror of the atom bomb. Terrorism is what Israel is committing in Palestine with USA connivance and support, overt and covert. Terrorism is the expulsion of more than a million Afghan civilians enacted by the USA terror threat to strike Afghanistan with its missiles. Terrorism is what the USA had demonstrated in Vietnam and elsewhere. The Talibaan in contrast are the MUJAAHIDEEN OF ISLAM. The terrorists are the members of the USA-led coalition of kuffaar.

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