The Growing Satanism in Tabligh Jamaat


A reliable Brother from Bangladesh writes:

Question 01:

As far I know, if a person rebukes or scolds an Alim due to being an Alim, he will become out from the fold of Islam. Nowadays, it has been observed that Tabligi brothers (Alim or Non-Alim) are fighting with one another. Recently a great, murderous, fight has taken place between the two groups (the supporters of Moulana Sa’d and supporters of Alam-e-Shura) in Bangladesh to take control of the Tongi Markaz in Bangladesh. One brother has been killed and around 200 brothers have been seriously injured. Unfortunately, most of them are Madrasa students and teachers. InnaLillah wa inna ilayhi raaji-oon!

If an Alim is beaten, abused, or and even killed, due to the hostility or enmity, not for being an Alim, rather for other reasons such as being a supporter of Moulana Sa’d or Alam-e-Shura, will the fatwa of being a Murtad be applicable to these attacking fellows ?


Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “To abuse (i.e. with the tongue) a Muslim is fisq, and to kill him is kufr.” What had transpired in Bangladesh between the two hostile and shaitaani Tablighi factions is FISQ of an aggravated nature, and the killing is kufr in terms of the Hadith. Nevertheless, the Fiqhi appellation of murtad will not be applicable.

Question 02:

After the pitiful occurrence at the Tongi Markaz, in many places the Sa’d group members are not being allowed to even perform the Salaah at the Masjid. The Madrasa students are attacking them and forcefully getting them out from the Mosques. In support of such attitude, it has been stated that the Sa’d group has become out from the fold of Islam due to their hostile attitude towards Ulama-e- Haq. So they should not be allowed to the Mosque. My questions in this regard are:

(a) Is such act of not permitting them entry into the Mosque for Salaat permissible?


Most certainly it is not permissible. It is haraam to prevent even the murderers from performing Salaat in the Musaajid.


(b). Will the ruling of being a Murtad be applicable for the Sa’d group for the reason that they had beaten the Ulama and Talaba for the sake of taking control of Tongi Markaz?


The ruling of irtidaad (becoming a murtad) will not be applicable to the Sa’d goondas (murderous thugs).


(c) If there is a fear from a person or group to create riot / trouble / disturbance, May that person or group be prevented from entering the Mosque ?


If the fear is genuine, not merely to spite, then it will be permissible.


Please let us have your comments on the fracas which had happened in Tongi.


What had happened is pure, unadulterated shaitaaniyat. Both hostile factions of the Tablighi Jamaat have become thoroughly diffused with shaitaaniyat. The aggravating factor is that all their murderous shaitaaniyat is being perpetrated in the name of the Deen as if they are engaging in Jihad against the kuffaar.

It is indeed lamentable that while Jihad against the kuffaar was never the agenda of the Tabligh Jamaat since its inception, today shaitaani ‘jihad’ has become an objective of the Jamaat. Shaitaani ‘jihad’ in this context means insulting, abusing, injuring and killing, pillaging and plundering ‘brother’ tablighis. In addition, pillaging and plundering property of tablighis and even non-tablighis have become permissible goals for the errant Tablighi Jamaat of this era. And, all of this murderous shaitaaniyat is being perpetrated in the name of the Deen. Wala houla…

What we are observing today is the excreta of the Tabligh Jamaat’s haraam ghulu’ which had become an integral constituent of the Tabligh Jamaat. This ghulu’ is not the attribute of only one faction. Both factions which at one stage were part of the same movement are guilty of the haraam ghulu’ which characterizes the Tabligh Jamaat.

There ghulu’ transgresses the limits of the Shariah. They had developed considerable shaitaani takabbur which impelled them to despise even the Ulama, the Madaaris and the genuine Khaanqahs. In their private circles they criticized such great Ulama as Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (Rahmatullah alayh) simply because he was not a member of their Jamaat. They indulge in gheebat of even such Auliya of Allah Ta’ala because they were not members of their Jamaat.

Gheebat in general is an extremely abominable sin. The Hadith says that it is worse than zina. But gheebat made of a Wali of Allah Ta’ala is vastly worse. The ‘flesh’ of Auliya and Ulama is extremely poisonous. It is spiritually lethal. These miscreants who indulge in such gheebat will have to consume the flesh of dead human bodies on the Day of Qiyaamah.

What has transpired at Tongi and on a lesser scale elsewhere evidences that Islaah of the Nafs cannot be acquired merely by engagement in Tabligh Jamaat activity. The Tabligh Jamaat has grossly transgressed the parameters for which it had been created. Its job was to act like a raft picking up drowning people floundering on the waters of the ocean in the aftermath of a sunken ship. The raft is supposed to bring the survivors to the shore for their safety, not keep them for life on the raft drifting about aimlessly until it (the raft) is also destroyed in the raging waters of the ocean.

Instead of fulfilling its objective, the Tabligh Jamaat developed shaitaani tendencies of ujub and takabbur. For their elders the Jamaat became the be all and the end all of the Deen. In their convoluted conception of Tabligh, they believed in the deception of them being the final word of Islam, and that all other branches of Da’wat and Tableegh are baatil. They further believed, stupidly and at the peril of their own deviation that all others, even Ulama and Auliya not linked with the Tabligh Jamaat were doomed. In this attitude did they sow the seeds of their doom. Now we see the evil fruit. They are now reaping what they had sewn in a haraam manner.

Ghulu’ always portends deviation and the destruction of the movement / institution which may have commenced as a movement of the Haqq. Allah Ta’ala warns us in the Qur’aan Majeed:

“Do not commit ghulu’ in your Deen.”

Ghulu’ is the salient characteristic of the Christians and the Barelwi Qabar Pujaaris (Grave-Worshippers). The Tabligh Jamaat has joined them in this evil sphere, hence they are now being punished by Allah Ta’ala. The evil has exploded. The Tabligh Jamaat was expanding like an unburied corpse. The bloating body has to explode. When it does bust and pours forth its horrible stench, people will flee from its proximity. This is precisely the fate of the Tabligh Jamaat. They measured their success on the standard of numbers – the number people at their ijtimahs, the number of buses bringing tablighis, the number of local and foreign jamaats, etc. The Khauf (Fear) of Allah Ta’ala does not feature in them and their programmes.

6 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 -14 December 2018


The Brother from Bangladesh adding more information, states:

“I want to add some more information with regards to the riot and massacre at the Tongi Tablighi Markaz.

The Sa’d group had attacked the little students (under 13~14 years) of the Hifz Khana of Tongi Markaz Madrasa whule these little boys were engaged in Tilaawatul Quran. They were severely beaten. They had kicked the Quran Sharif copies which were in that Hifz Khana and afterwards threw those copies of the Mushaf into the adjacent river.They had forced the students to shout the slogan: “Moulana Sa’d is our Ameer”. After assaulting them, the supporters of Sa’d   shouted to the students: “Hold the ears and get out. If we are granted permission, we shall smash you all by feet”.

A lot of Madrasa students had come to the Tongi Markaz previous day (weakend) to prepare the field to execute the up-coming Tongi World Ijtema to be held at the end of January 2019. The Sa’d group had attacked them and hijacked their precious assets such as money, new jackets, new blankets etc. They had severely beaten them to the extent that the bones of many had been broken. Severe head injuries had been inflicted. The Quran Sharif copies of the students and Tabligi brothers had also been thrown into the burner and destroyed by fire.

After the massacre, these evil people had conducted a press conference to justify their such evil actions I wonder: How can these fellows be treated as Muslims? Isn’t the act of not allowing them to the Mosque right?”


The pillage, plunder and brutality of the Sa’d group, as described by you, are undoubtedly most abominable and close to kufr. Their act of desecrating the Qur’aan Majeed is undoubtedly kufr which expels them from the fold of Islam. However, since the murtad culprits guilty of the blasphemous sacrilege cannot be pinpointed with certitude, a blanket ban on the supporters of the chief goonda cannot be placed.

The extent and type of pillage and plunder perpetrated by the hoodlums of the Tabligh Jamaat are shocking beyond imagination. Never in anyone’s wildest hallucination could it have dreamt that Tablighis would degenerate to this murderous gutter level to shed Muslim blood, to injure Muslims, to rob openly, and to commit the act of kufr by desecrating the Qur’aan Majeed. All of these villainous acts proves that they never had the Deen as their objective of their tabligh stunts which now appear to have been a massive farce and fraud.

6 Rabiyuth Thaani 1440 -14 December 2018

[Answers and comment by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai (Daamat Barakatuhum)]

6 thoughts on “The Growing Satanism in Tabligh Jamaat

  1. Abdullah

    How unfortunate. Muslims are killing each other whilst the kuffaar are sitting back and enjoying the show. May Allah Ta’ala have mercy on us.

  2. Taalib ul Haqq

    Alhamdullah, Hadhrat Mufti Saheb has eloquently addressed this shocking and depressing episode and series of events haunting the Tableegh Jamaat Movement.

    These sad developments come as no surprise to an unbiased observer of the TJ Movement – especially when we consider the agenda used by its elders for past 3-4 decades to undermine other efforts of Deen.

    The TJ Movement had transgressed its objective and purpose of rescuing drowning people of the Ummah and had become so complacent, conceited as to regard itself as the be all and end all of Deen.

    Allah Ta’ala unite and return the TJ Efforts back to the original methodology of its founders.

    For the foreseeable future, they would do well to suspend all gatherings (ijtimaas), foreign jamaats, visits from scholars and just concentrate at a local level on the original six points and bringing the lost ones towards the environment of the local Masjid and basic Taleem.

    However, as the movement has become so fragmented and local leaders/amirs have created their own halqahs/followings, this appears difficult.

    If the UK, European, South African and Americas Halqahs were to take a lead and temporarily suspend the diktats of both Nizammudeen/Raiwand and concentrate on the original 6-points at local and national level and simply ignore the factions, insha’Allah, within a short while the movement could return to its original ideology and ethos.

    It is too much to expect the dim-witted Maulvis/Sheikhs to have the taqwa, concern and wherewithal to guide the masses – they are too drowned in hubb e dunya and hubb e jaah to be able to guide the Ummah anymore.

    Allah Ta’ala have mercy upon all of us.

  3. Nur

    It seems like there is a 3rd party at play. Somebody or someone is/are deliberately spreading lies and false propaganda to draw out a response from even the most innocent of ulama. Allah protect and unite us. Aameen

    1. Taalib ul Haqq

      Even if there is or was a third-party, it is due to our own intrangissence & lack of sincerity which has allowed others to wreck the sterling services of thid great work.

      Insha’Allah, as soon as we Muslims make taubah, istighfaar and Inaabat Illa’Allah, the Mercy of Allah Ta’ala will cascade upon us and any hidden agendas of anybody will perish into oblivion.

      Our problem is looking to pass the buck onto others instead of blaming ourselves for our own gross shortcomings.

      Allah Ta’ala have Mercy upon us and maintain the shadow of the few remaining Pious Mashaikh and Ulama over us.


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