Q. A group of youngsters from the U.K. has set out on bikes for this year’s Hajj. This event has been given much publicity. The boys are being complimented for their feat. What is the Shariah’s view?

A. This bike-ride and many other acts developing every other day among Muslims are all acts of satanism. These satanic acts in actual fact testify to the Truth of Rasulullah’s Nubuwwat and Risaalat.

Since acts of satanism unheard of and unimaginable fourteen centuries ago, have been predicted as Signs of Qiyaamah, they (i.e. the acts of satanism) herald the approach of Qiyaamah. These acts of the Devil in fact announce the close proximity of Qiyaamah. The materialization of Rasulullah’s predictions is being witnessed daily by men of intelligence. The rotten condition of the scholars, saints and the masses fulfils the predictions of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Among the Signs of Qiyaamah mentioned in the Hadith is that worldly and nafsaani goals will be pursued under ‘deeni’ guise. People will seek gratification and fulfilment for mundane and nafsaani objectives with deeds which Allah Ta’ala has designed for the acquisition of the objectives of the Aakhirat.

Hajj is a supreme Ibaadat which requires sincerity, humility, constant Thikrullah, inostentation (totally bereft of riya), and focusing on the Pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. But the display by this group of imbecile morons on their satanic bikes are acting in conflict with every requisite which the spirit and ethos of the Hajj demand.

Only morons gripped in the tentacles of Iblees are capable of embarking on such a stupid and ludicrous act to draw cheap and satanic publicity. They are signs of Qiyaamah which are being created in swift succession in today’s era which indicate the closeness of the Final Hour.

The stated purpose of the satanic ride is to raise “enough money to provide emergency ambulance services for the Syrian civilians”. This is indeed a stupid absurdity.

Firstly, those who have the plight of the suffering Syrians at heart are not in need of stupid bikeriders entertaining them. Muslims contribute Fi Sabeelillaah to gain Allah’s Pleasure. They do not donate for a worthy Islamic Cause in exchange for titillation by means of silly, satanic displays by a group of weird louts suffering from intellectual imbecility. Secondly, these morons excel in stupidity to believe that their shaitaani act can acquire sufficient funds for the mammoth task mentioned.

Thirdly, raising funds for any worthy Islamic purpose is not reliant on merrymaking and stupid satanic demonstrations such as the haraam ‘hajj-ride’ which these louts are undertaking. Their objective is nothing other than gratifying their nafsaani lust of riya and some other worldly agenda.

It is not permissible for Muslims to donate to the fund connected with this satanic ‘hajj-ride’. It is in reality shaitaan’s ride. The projects of the Deen do not require haraam antics.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

Mujlisul Ulama


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