The Mission of the Ambiya (Prophets) and the Interfaith Trap of Kufr

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The Mission of the Ambiya was only ONE – the propagation of Tauheed with clarity and emphasis. The uncompromising theme of Tauheed permeates the entire Qur’aan Majeed. The Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) were commanded to vociferously assert the Haqq of Tauheed and to clarify that all else besides the Tauheed of Islam is falsehood. Thus, the Qur’aan commands:

“Say (O Muhammad!) Verily it has been revealed to me that most certainly your God is only One God. What, will you (not) become Muslimoon?” (Al-Ambiya, Aayat 108)

When the kuffaar rejected Tauheed (absolute oneness of Allah) and spread their brand of ‘Islamophobia’, Hadhrat Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) did not seek to reconcile with the unbelievers in a joint-program of propagation which elevates the false religion of idolatry to the status of Islam. He did not seek an inter-faith seminar or dialogue with the kuffaar to gain recognition either for him or for even Tauheed. Islam had to be accepted on its own merits, not by way of striking up a common platform which promotes concepts and ideologies which are the very antithesis of Tauheed.

In contrast to the attitude of the Muslim purveyors of interfaith seminars, Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) embarked on the destruction of kufr by physically destroying the idols of worship thereby courting the wrath of the idolaters. He did not listen to the kufr preaching of the unbelievers. On the contrary, the Qur’aan Majeed says with regard to Hadhrat Ibraaheem’s uncompromising proclamation of Tauheed:

“He (Ibraaheem) said: Verily, you and your forefathers had (always) been in manifest deviation.’ They (the unbelievers) said (in response): ‘Have you come to us with the Truth or are you among those who amuse.’ He (Ibraaheem) said: ‘Assuredly, your Rabb is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth, The One Who has created them, and I am among those who testify to this. By Allah! I shall make a plan with your idols after you have taken leave.’ Then, he smashed them (the idols) into bits…….” (Al-Ambiya, Aayaat 54 – 58)

“He (Ibraaheem) said: ‘What, do you worship besides Allah things which cannot benefit you in any way whatsoever nor harm you. Fie on you and on those things you worship besides Allah. What! Have you no intelligence?” (Al-Ambiya, Aayaat 65 – 67)

This is the spirit and teaching of the Qur’aan when Tauheed is propagated. The Truth has to be administered unambiguously without according the slightest accommodation for the promotion of kufr as usually happens at inter-faith seminars and dialogue where Islam and false ideologies of kufr, shirk and atheism are all lumped together on the same platform in a collective effort of propagation, each exponent of baatil being allowed the opportunity to expound doctrines and exercises of spirituality which are abhorrent to Allah Azza Wa Jal.


In recent times, one of the most dangerous conspiracies of Iblees is the Inter-Faith Dialogue movement. This has proven to be an effective Talbees of Iblees. Molvis and sheikhs have fallen in the trap of this satanic deception by engaging in interfaith dialogue where all religions are accorded ‘equality’. All religions at such dialogue and seminars have to be accorded identical respect and hearing.

At one recent such seminar held in Port Elizabeth, the participants on the stage were a Christian priest who was the chairman, a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim ‘priest’ (a molvi) and an atheist. This dialogue was not a debate where the Muslim is dutibound to demolish the baatil religion of the opposition and to assert the truth and supremacy of Islam. This was a ‘seminar’ where all four ideologies – Christianity, Judaism, Islam and atheism – were placed on the same footing – on par with each other. The mixed audience of men and women consisting of adherents of all religions, including atheists, listened to the exposition of Christianity, Judaism, atheism and a smattering of Islam presented by a junior molvi of shallow understanding, and who is a novice in the game.

Muslim men and women in flagrant violation of every facet of Qur’aanic Hijaab sat mixed with kuffaar men and women. Kufr, shirk and atheism were dinned into their ears for an hour. They had to listen to the propagation of kufr and atheism for the greater part of the time allocated to the four speakers. At the end, the Muslim ‘priest’ did not, could not and in fact was incapable of, rebutting the kufr and atheist ideologies which were expounded and which the entire audience had to dutifully listen, ingest and digest.

Regardless of what was in the heart of the molvi, he had given tacit approval for the baatil ideologies and ideas of ‘spirituality’ of Christianity, Judaism and atheism. He was not allowed to say one word in refutation of all the kufr which was propagated at the seminar. The seminar was a joint-propagational exercise in which all religions and ideologies were on par and accorded equal treatment whereas the Qur’aan-e-Hakeem states unequivocally:

 “Verily, the Deen by Allah, is only Islam.”

The entire Qur’aan and Ahaadith are replete with the theme of the Truth of only Islam and the refutation of all other religions of falsehood. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) came to mankind to denounce and refute the religions of Baatil. He did not come to mankind to give a condescending ear to the doctrines of kufr and to the ‘spirituality’ of atheism. The method of all the Ambiya was propagation of Islam as the only true Deen with zero exceptions.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) explained to the Mushrikeen (polytheists) in unambiguous terms that their idols and gods were false; that belief in kufr ideologies is the recipe for admission to Jahannum and for everlasting ruin in the Hereafter.

The mission of the Ambiya was not such dialogue which accorded a pedestal of prominence and viability to falsehood— kufr, shirk and atheism. When the Ambiya spoke, it was from only the stage of Haqq from which Baatil was not permitted to propagate. There never was a compromise or a fusion between Haqq and Baatil in the mission of the Ambiya. They propagated only Tauheed which necessitated the refutation of kufr and atheism in unambiguous terms. Minus refutation of kufr and shirk, Tauheed cannot be affirmed.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) did not accommodate falsehood as the molvi did at the inter-faith seminar where the Muslim audience had to listen to the ‘tableegh’ of kufr and atheism by the exponents of these ideologies. The molvi did not refute the kufr and atheist propagations as the Ambiya did. The Qur’aan testifies to the methodology of the propagation of the Ambiya. Declaring the mission of the Ambiya, the Qur’aan states:

“Then We sent among them a Rasool from among them (to proclaim): ‘Worship Allah. There is no god for you besides Him.’ What! Have you no fear?” (Surah Al-Mu’minoon, Aayat 32)

The Rasool rejected trinity and idolatry. He did not listen nor allowed the Sahaabah to listen to the propagation of false spiritual ideologies. In fact, Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) forbade Hadhrat Umar (radhiyallahu anhu) from reading even the Tauraah which at that time still comprised a great deal of the revealed Truth. But, reading even the Tauraah opened the avenue for Talbeesul Iblees, hence it was prohibited. What then should be inferred from offering an attentive ear to kufr and atheism, and to allow all the spiritual garbage and rot to sink into the heart?

At the seminar, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are constrained to pay attention to the propagation of kufr. But the Qur’aan says:

“When only Allah is mentioned, the hearts of those who do not believe in the Aakhirah become constricted, And, when others besides Him are mentioned, then they become happy.” (Surah Zumar, Aayat 45)

When falsehood and the false ‘spiritual’ ideologies are expounded, the audience of kuffaar becomes elated, but when Tauheed is propagated, their hearts become constricted and sealed to the Truth. While Islam requires that the bounties of the ears and heart listen to only the Haqq, the seminar way of the kuffaar necessitates attentive listening to kufr and atheism. Allah Ta’ala states in the Qur’aan:

“Say (O Muhammad!) What! You, O ignoramuses! Tell me to worship a being other than Allah. Verily, it has been revealed to you (O Muhammad!) and to those (Ambiya) before you that if you commit shirk, then most certainly your deeds will be destroyed, and you will be among the losers. On the contrary, worship only Allah and be of the grateful ones (by accepting Imaan).” (Surah Zumar, Aayaat 65 and 66)

The Qur’aan commands straight talk – tableegh of the unadulterated Truth – Islam – and nothing else. It does not permit its adherents to sit and tarnish their Imaan by having kufr, shirk and atheism dinned into their ears by the believers and propagators of Baatil. The unbelievers present their baseless ideologies without having any proof of Truth whereas Islam is the Haqq which may not be placed on equal footing. The Qur’aan states: about the spiritual ideologies of the kuffaar:

“Those who dispute in the Signs of Allah without any proof having come to them, indeed (their) sin (of propagating falsehood) is abhorrent by Allah and by those who have Imaan?” (Surah Zumar, Aayat 35)

At inter-faith dialogue (which is not a debate to demolish baatil and kufr) Muslims are constrained to sit silently and attentively ingest and digest such falsehood which is abhorrent to Allah Ta’ala.

Emphatically rejecting the propagation of baatil and kufr which inter-faith seminars cater for, the Qur’aan states:

“Whereas I call you to Salvation, you call me to the Fire. You call me so that I commit kufr with Allah and so that I associate with Him something of which I am totally unaware, while I call you to (Allah) The Mighty, The Most-Forgiving. It is an indisputable fact that the being (and whatever baatil ideology) you are calling me to, has no claim, neither in this world nor in the Aakhirah, and most certainly, our return is to Allah, and the transgressors are indeed the companions of the Fire.” (Al-Mu’min, Aayaat 41, 42, 43)

It is with considerable emphasis that these Qur’aanic verses refute the expositions of the adherents of baatil. The Muslim is commanded to state unequivocally that he does not accept the falsehood and kufr ideologies and corrupt concepts of spirituality of the exponents of kufr, shirk and atheism. But at inter-faith seminars, kufr and shirk have to be accorded the very same pedestal which is offered to Islam. But Islam is not on par with other ideologies. Islam is the only Truth. Minus Islam there is no salvation.

Yet, the Molvis who participate in such inter-faith seminars minimize the Haqq of Tauheed and elevate the Baatil of kufr and shirk by according the same status to Truth and falsehood.

From the very inception of the Muslim’s tableegh mission or discussion, the Haqq of Islam has to be unambiguously asserted. This is possible only by declaring that the only Deen by Allah is Islam. There is no compromise between Tauheed and kufr. Listening to the propagation of baatil and kufr without being in position to refute it, is highly improper for a Muballigh. The Standard-Bearer of Islam should not participate in talks where all religions and ideologies will be accorded equal status.

Participation in a religious discussion with the kuffaar should be pure Tableegh and Da’wat. Muslims are not permitted to listen to the propagation of kufr. This is precisely what the inter-faith seminar programme involves. When a Muslim joins kuffaar preachers who propagate their baatil religions at the same gathering where the Muslim is supposed to propagate, and he sits with them on the same platform listening to their falsehood without having the right to refute it, then he aids and abets in the dissemination of kufr.

The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“Whatever is being said to you (by the people of kufr), was said to the Rusul (Messengers) before you (O Muhammad!)” (Haa Meem As Sajdah, Aayat 42)

They speak nothing new, but stale kufr – kufr which they had hurled at all the Ambiya. The method of all the Ambiya was to reject the kufr, not give it an attentive audience. It should be understood that the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) were sent to proclaim only Islam. They did not indulge in any diplomacy or skulduggery to win converts. They proclaimed the Message of Tauheed with the greatest clarity and loudly. There was no attentive ear offered to listen to baatil and to the ‘virtues’ and ‘significance’ of the ideologies of kufr, shirk, and atheism.

The mission of the Ambiya was to eradicate falsehood, not to forge any compromise with it. How is it possible for the Nabi and his followers to listen to and digest baatil? How is it possible for Muslims to sit snugly and listen attentively in a place where kufr is being propagated?

Allah Ta’ala instructs the Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“Thus, have We revealed to you the Arabic Qur’aan so that you may warn the Mother of Cities and those in its environs, and so that you warn of the Day of Assembly in which there is no doubt. A group will be in Jannat and a group will be in the Blazing Fire.” (As-Shuraa, Aayat 7)

Allah’s command is to deliver the Message with clarity. But inter-faith dialogue requires the same pedestal and significance and legitimacy for all religions and ideologies.

At the recent inter-faith seminar, Muslims who unlawfully participated, had to sit respectfully and silently listening to all the baatil which the three ideologies of kufr were propagating. If a Hindu priest had to attend, the kufr of a million idols would further have polluted the hearts of the Muslim audience.

When the kuffaar are not prepared to listen solely to the Message of Islam, and they stipulate listening to their propagation of their kufr ideologies of spirituality as a precondition for the few minutes allocated to a molvi to express himself, then the Qur’aan commands complete abstention and dissociation.

Stating this methodology of Da’wat, the Qur’aan says:

“Allah is our Rabb and your Rabb. Unto us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. There is no disputation between us and you. Allah will gather us. Unto Him is the return.” (Ash- Shuraa, Aayat 15)

There is no need nor is it permissible for Muslims to listen to the ‘tableegh’ of kufr in order to offer Islam. Islam should be offered with clarity and if the audience rejects, then the response is stated in the abovementioned Aayat. Muslims may not listen and digest falsehood as a precondition for offering Tauheed to the kuffaar. The duty of the Muslim Muballigh is to only deliver the Message. It is not permissible for him to listen to the propagation of kufr and baatil when he is not even allowed to refute the falsehood by asserting that Islam is the only Truth – the Absolute Truth – and the only Path leading to everlasting salvation in the Hereafter.

It is not the function of the Muballigh to participate in an exercise where the audience is given the choice to select from the variety of ideologies which are all placed on par. If the audience is not prepared to listen to only the Call of Tauheed, then it devolves as an incumbent duty for the Muballigh to proclaim as the Qur’aan commands:

“For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds.” “Peace on you, We do not follow the jaahileen (ignoramuses).”

But inter-faith dialogue tacitly requires that all the ideologies sharing the platform be treated with equanimity and put on the same pedestal. This is unacceptable to Islam. Allah Ta’ala despatched all the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) to negate and refute all ideologies and false religions and to abrogate even the revealed Scriptures which their respective followers had interpolated and corrupted. There is not the slightest scope in the Mission of the Ambiya for accommodating the falsehood which other religions and ideologies propagate.

Participation in inter-faith dialogue, negotiation and seminars by the Muballigheen of this Deen is a betrayal of the Mission of the Ambiya, and a betrayal of the Pledge of Tauheed which is the bedrock of Imaan. The Qur’aan commanding Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) says: “Cling to that which has been revealed to you. Verily, you are on the Straight Path.”

Islam is the glittering truth. It is indeed abhorrent to make it subservient to or to even accord it a parallel status with the ideologies of falsehood. At the seminar, the preachers of falsehood present their ideologies as if they are the revealed truth. Even the atheist is allowed to elevate his abominable ideology of atheism to the level of Islam in his presentation to the audience.

The Muballigh, molvi and sheikh who join such seminars or inter-faith dialogue aid and abet in the propagation of kufr, shirk, atheism and falsehood. His presence on the same platform is in the capacity of joint-participation with the propounders of falsehood. He does not refute or negate the falsehood. Islam is presented merely as another alternative for selection according to the whims and fancies of people whereas the obligation of the Muballigh is to strive to assert Islam as the only Path of Salvation – the Absolute Truth and the sole repository of Najaat.

An inter-faith seminar seeks to create the notion that the different ideologies while not the absolute truth, are all equally legitimate and are merely different routes leading to the same Goal. But Islam rejects this notion as false. The only Route leading to Allah Ta’ala and everlasting salvation is Siraatul Mustaqeem – the Straight Path of Islam. All other ideologies and religions lead to Jahannum – Hell-Fire and everlasting damnation. The Muballigh is not allowed to leave any ambiguity in this fundamental doctrine rising from the fundamental basis of Tauheed.

Expressing Divine Abhorrence for the blasphemy which the ideologies of kufr and baatil expound, the Qur’aan states:

“Pure is the Rabb (Lord) of the heavens and earth, the Rabb of the Arsh! (Pure and high above is He) of the falsehood they fabricate.” (Zukhruf, Aayat 82)

When a preacher of a kufr ideology offers his theories and doctrines for acceptance, he commits treason against His Creator. He propagates falsehood which is the very antithesis of Tauheed. There is nothing more abhorrent to Allah Ta’ala than shirk and kufr. A thousand murders and a thousand acts of adultery pale into oblivion in the glare of one act of treason which refutes the Islamic doctrine of Tauheed. The murderer and the adulterer will be forgiven and attain salvation provided they subscribed to the doctrine of Tauheed. In contrast, the believer in kufr and shirk will be denied salvation and be everlastingly damned even if here on earth he was the greatest philanthropist and had devoted his life to the service of mankind.

“Allah will never forgive shirk being committed with Him.” Qur’aan.

It is therefore unacceptable for a Molvi who is supposed to be a Standard Bearer of Tauheed to be sitting on the same level as the exponents of kufr and shirk and to be a party of the joint-program of kufr. An inter-faith seminar is an exercise of kufr in which shallow-minded, short-sighted molvis and sheikhs participate.

They are duped by shaitaan – they are the victims of Talbeesul Iblees. Iblees has succeeded to entrap them in his tentacles in the same way that he had ensnared Barseesah. Inter-faith seminars acclimatize the muballigh to kufr and shirk. His inhibition for kufr and shirk gradually becomes eroded by association. The abhorrence of baatil is effaced from his heart by association, and by having dinned into his ears the various ideologies which are ‘eloquently’ presented as the ‘truth’ by the preachers of kufr.

The Qur’aan forbids Muslims to sit and associate with those who make a mockery of Islam. But, propagation of kufr, shirk and atheisms are worse than mockery. Mockery does not harm the Imaan of the Mu’mineen. On the contrary, it produces anger and hatred for the evil-doers and the urge to rise in defence of Islam. In contrast, participation in dialogue with kufr, allows, in fact, demands the observance of niceties and accommodation of the views of kufr expressed by the atheists and mushrikeen. Warning of such association with baatil, the Qur’aan says:

“And, when you see those who conjecture in Our Signs, then turn away from them until such time that they engage in other talk (which is not kufr, shirk, atheism and mockery of the Haqq). And, if shaitaan causes you to forget (i.e. to err due to Talbeesul Iblees and you had joined them), then do not sit with people who are transgressors after remembering (the evil in which Iblees has ensnared you).” (An’aam, Aayat 68)

Molvis and sheikhs who elevate and aid kufr and shirk with their participation in joint-propagation of a variety of kufr ideologies should search their souls and reflect on their misdeed. They are required to repent. Their participation is a heinous act of treason against Allah Azza Wa Jal. Such joint religious activity is in fact enhancing the cause of baatil. It is never ever a purely Islamic Tableegh initiative. How could it be, when shirk, kufr and atheism are elevated to the very same pedestal?

The Muballigh has no need for grovelling at the altar of falsehood and to accept their terms and conditions for presenting Islam. The Qur’aan forbids him, and commands him to dissociate. Thus Allah Ta’ala says:

“Leave them to conjecture and amuse (themselves with their baatil) until they meet their Day which they were promised.” (Zukhruf, Aayat 83)

The Muballigh has to incumbently address the kuffaar from a purely Islamic platform where there will be no joint-propagation – propagation of falsehood and truth on equal footing with Islam. If he is unable to secure such a platform or if the audience is not prepared to listen to only the propagation of Tauheed, then the Sunnah is to act according to the Qur’aanic command:

“He (the Nabi) said: ‘Verily, the Knowledge (of the Truth) is by Allah, and I deliver to you only that with which I have been sent. But, I see you as a nation wallowing in ignorance.’ ” (Al-Ahqaaf, Aayat 23)

The Muballigh of Islam is commanded to say to the mushrikeen, trinitarians and the atheists:

 “Allah has not taken a son nor is their any deity with Him. (If there had to be), then every god would have taken away whatever he had created and some (of these deities) would overpower other (gods). Pure is Allah from the falsehood they are fabricating.”

The theme of the entire Qur’aan and the teaching of the Sunnah of all the Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) are unadulterated presentation of the Haqq of Tauheed. There is no scope for joint-propagation in which the Muslim muballigh participates as molvis and sheikhs do at the inter-faith seminars and dialogues. Such joint-propagation programs are in diametric conflict with Islam’s proclamation that besides its concept of Tauheed – besides the Deen of Islam – there is no other Truth.

The type of compromise and co-operation with falsehood which inter-faith exercises envisage and espouse are not new. These are old acts of Talbeesul Iblees which Shaitaan presents in new wrappers.

The Mushrikeen (polytheists) of Makkah having realized the futility of their efforts to extinguish the Flame of Tauheed, attempted to bait Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) into compromise and toleration of their idols by offering him wealth, political power and women. Their only request was that he refrains from castigating their false gods – the idols which they were worshipping. But Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) emphatically rejected the compromise offer by declaring that if they placed the sun on his right hand and the moon on his left hand, he would not desist from the propagation of unadulterated Tauheed which necessitated denunciation of idolatry and all ideologies of kufr and shirk.

Neither Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) nor any of the Ambiya had ever adopted a joint-propagation program which promoted different kufr ideologies. The Qur’aan repeatedly and most emphatically denounces and refutes all kufr ideologies of whatever hue. In the very initial stage of Da’wat when Tauheed was an unheard of concept, when the Arabs were wallowing in the quagmire of shirk and idolatry, Allah Ta’ala commanded Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam):

“And warn your close tribal relatives, and lower your wing for those among the Mu’mineen who follow you. Then if they (the Mushrikeen) disobey you (refuting Tauheed), then say: ‘Verily, I am free from (the shirk) which you are perpetrating.’ ” (As-Shu’raa, Aayat 216)

The command was tableegh of the pure Haqq without diplomacy, without leaving the slightest ambiguity in the minds of the audience regarding the Truth of Tauheed and the falsehood of all their ideologies. The Qur’aan imparts to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and all the Muballigheen lesson upon lesson in the proper methodology of Tableegh and Da’wat. Every such lesson is a clear rebuttal of kufr, shirk and atheism, and an affirmation of the truth of only Islam. There is absolutely no permission or scope in the Qur’aan, the Sunnah and the Way of all the Ambiya for joint-tableegh as is the objective of inter-faith seminars.

While the Qur’aan commands ‘Beautiful Disputation’, such propagation is neither compromise, nor apologetism, nor jointtableegh where kufr and shirk enjoy a common platform with Islam. The Qur’aan Majeed explaining the method of propagating to the Ahl-e-Kitaab (Yahood and Nasaara):

“And do not dispute with the Ahl-e-Kitaab except (in a manner) which is beautiful, albeit those who commit excesses among them. And, say: ‘We believe in that which has been revealed to us and that which has been revealed to you (Tauraah and Injeel). Our God and your God is One, and we are to Him Muslimoon (those who submit).’ ” (Al-Ankabut, Aayat 46)

‘Beautiful Disputation’ precludes compromise and joint-tableegh (propagation of Baatil and Haqq). Illustrating the meaning of Mujaadalah Hasanah (Beautiful Disputation), the Qur’aan instructs that it means to call the Ahl-e-Kitaab to the One Being Who has created the entire universe, and if the Haqq does not strike a responsive chord in their hearts due to the blindness of their hearts, then the command is:

“Say (O Muhammad!): ‘O Kaafiroon! I do not worship the (false gods) which you worship. And, you do not worship The (True God) Whom I worship’.” (Surah Kaafiroon)

There is no compromise and no scope for joint-propagation of Haqq and Baatil in the Qur’aan and Sunnah. The highest and most perfect repositories of Propagation of the Deen were the Ambiya. There cannever be any institution or anyone who can acquit himself in the field of Tableegh better than the Ambiya. Their ideology of Da’wat and Tableegh consisted of only stating the Haqq of Tauheed without according any attention to the propagation of the kufr of the mushrikeen. In fact, it was their sacred function to lay bare the falsehood of all religions other than Islam.

To be continued….

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