The Hadith narrations presented in this treatise in substantiation of the Hanafi viewpoint are all Saheeh (authentic) according to the Muhadditheen, including Shaikhaan (i.e. Imaam Bukhaari and Imaam Muslim).

All unbiased Muslims who are in pursuit of the truth will understand after having studied this short treatise, that the Hanafi practice of refraining from Rafa’ Yadain is not based on only rational/logical arguments, but is the product of authentic narrational evidence (Ahaadith). In view of the validity of the arguments and grounds of the Hanafi Mathhab, there is no controversy among the followers of the four Madhhabs on this issue. Each one follows the teachings of his Mathhab without attempting to denigrate the followers of the other Mathaahib.

Only followers of baatil such as the modernist Najdis, are bigoted in the matter of valid ikhtilaafaat (differences) based on Haqq (Truth). It is their baatil which constrains them to embark on their pernicious exercises of disparaging Al-Imaam Al-A’zam Abu Hanifah (rahmatullah alayhi) in particular. But the Truth cannot be suppressed for too long.

“Truth has come and falsehood has perished. Verily falsehood (by its very nature) is perishable.”

(Holy Qur’aan)