The Real Cause of Masjid Vandalization and Destruction


Mosque Attacks in Netherlands (Muslim Views, U.K.)

A mosque in northern Drachten town, Netherlands, has come under an arson attack on February 11, according to the manager of Islamic Center Drachten Foundation. The mosque, used mostly by Moroccan-origin worshippers, is operated by the foundation. The foundation manager Khaid Bennaceur said: “Community members who came to pray in the morning said they smelled turpentine inside the mosque. Later, when we came for noon prayer, we realised that there were burn marks on the wall and windows had been broken at the back side of the mosque.”

The attack took place at around 4 am local time. He added that a person was seen breaking the back window of the mosque and running away after the fire. Police have begun an investigation into the incident, he added. The attack is the second of its kind in just one week. A mosque in the Dutch port city of The Hague was vandalized on February 2. A Turkish flag was crossed with red paint with slogans against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and “Islam out” also written on it was placed on Ahi Evran Mosque. In January, the far-right ‘Rechts in Verzet’ movement hanged anti-Islam banners and a headless model in front of the Emir Sultan Mosque in Amsterdam. The banners hanged outside the mosque read: “Islam must be stopped. We do not want a mosque tied to [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan in northern Amsterdam.” In September 2017 an under-construction mosque in the south-eastern Netherlands was targeted by the same far-right group. The group hanged anti-Islam banners at the roof of Tevhid mosque in Venlo city. The group, draped banners reading “Stay away. The Netherlands belongs to us. We don’t want mosque and Muslims in our neighbourhood” both in Turkish and Dutch. They also shared the photos of banners on social media and claimed they “occupied” the mosque. The Muslim News UK 23/02/2018 (End of report)


The most important factor which Muslims fail to understand is that vandalization of Musaajid by the kuffaar is preceded by vandalization perpetrated by Muslims themselves. When Muslims themselves vandalize and ruin the Musaajid, then Allah Ta’ala, as a punishment for the evil conduct of Muslims afflicts us with kuffaar atrocities and domination. He instils fear into the hearts of Muslims for the kuffaar.

The Musjid is first thoroughly destroyed spiritually by Muslims. Then the Musjid itself invokes the La’nat (curse and punishment) of Allah Azza Wa Jal. Thus the attacks and vandalization and attacks on the Musjid in many places committed by the kuffaar are not accidents nor haphazard occurrences. Everything follows a definite plan of Allah Ta’ala.

The Qur’aan Majeed says in this regard:

“Nothing of even a grain of anything is hidden from your Rabb, neither something smaller than it nor bigger than it, but it is recorded in a Clear Kitaab.”

“Not a leaf drops (from a tree) but He is aware of it.”

Whatever transpires in creation is by the direct intervention and command of Allah Ta’ala.

Among the acts of desecration and vandalization committed by Muslims on the Musaajid are the following:

• General abandonment of Jamaat Salaat. The vast majority of Muslims do not preform their five daily Salaat with Jamaat in the Musjid. The Fajr attendance is the best barometer by which this could be gauged.

• Lewd dress in the Musjid. Musallis come to Musjid dressed lewdly like the kuffaar with jeans, T-shirts, Bermuda pants, garb with all types of kuffaar logos inscribed and even with pictures.

• Performing Salaat haphazardly. In most cases they rush out of the Musjid, especially Jumuah, after the Fardh Salaat. They display the attitude of the munaafiqeen

• Loud conversation in the Musjid which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said is among the Signs of Qiyaamah. Even molvis and Tabligh Jamaat personnel are guilty of this crime.

• Using the Musjid as a staging pad for haraam wedding receptions. Immediately after the Nikah in the Musjid, the haraam wedding reception with all its evil and bid’ah is initiated. It is the obligation of the trustees and Imaam to refuse performance in the Musjid of such a marriage which will be followed by a haraam wedding reception.

• Allowing females to attend the Musjid

• Allowing fussaaq qaaris to use the Musjid for entertaining people with their recitation

• Arranging haraam na’t and nazam sessions in the Musjid whereas the sole activity permissible in a Musjid is pure ibaadat.

• The imaams in general totally abstaining from Amr Bil Ma’roof Nahyi anil Munkar.

• Treating the Musjid as a place for amusing kuffaar tourists. Kuffaar men and women wallowing in the filth of kufr and janaabat are brought into the Musjids for sightseeing.

On account of these acts of spiritual vandalism perpetrated by Muslims, the kuffaar are allowed by Allah Ta’ala to physically vandalize and attack our Musaajid. The actual culprits are Muslim themselves.


The Mozambiquen government has demolished and destroyed seven Musaajid. After having closed a number of Musjids for several months, some have now been re-opened while seven have been destroyed on the flimsiest of pretexts. In this regard, BBC reported:

Mozambique reopens ‘extremist’ mosques
Jose Tembe, BBC Africa,

Maputo Six mosques in northern Mozambique accused of harbouring Islamists insurgents have reopened after proving they haven broken links with armed groups. They were shut down last year amid attacks in the Cabo Delgado province. Cabo Delgado’s provincial director of justice, Alvaro Junior, said a seventh mosque would remain closed until its leadership had been reorganised. He added that seven other mosques, believed to have been owned by fundamentalist groups, had been destroyed by the authorities. (End of BBC report)

The destruction of the Musaajid is in reality a punishment of Allah Azza Wa Jal for Muslims who themselves have spiritually and also physically destroyed the Musaajid. Now Muslims are being subjected to this form of punishment by Allah Azza Wa Jal Who harnesses the kuffaar into His Plan of Punishment.

The Musaajid are generally left to decay spiritually and physically. The attendance for Salaat is pathetic. The physical state of these Musjids is likewise lamentable. The ‘poverty’ argument does not justify filth and untidiness. It does not justify desecration of the tattered and torn copies of the Qur’aan lying around disgracefully.

Added to the atrocities which Muslims inflict on the Musaajid, is the atrocity of the stupid-jaahil so-called ‘mujahideen’ (the ‘fundamentalists’) who engage in haraam acts of violence. Then merely on the basis of some other juhala or treacherous informers having seen some of the ignorant ‘mujahideen’ performing Salaat in these Musaajid, have the authorities branded the Musjids as “owned by fundamentalists” when in reality they do not own the Musjids.

The fundamental cause for the destruction of the Musaajid is the first destruction by Muslims themselves. The Musaajid curse Muslims who grossly fail to fulfil their rights – the rights of the Musaajid.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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