In the Islamic State (ISIS) Shariah law is being implemented. All forms of shirk and idolatry have been abolished. Women are in full Hijaab. The Islamic hudood punishments are implemented. There is no corruption, There is no music and none of the immoralities of the west. Despite the conspicuously Islamic nature of ISIS, how can it be accepted that it is a U.S. conspiracy? There is no logic in the charge that ISIS is a U.S. creation.


By this time only simpletons have failed to understand the reality of ISIS, About a century ago, the British had also created a ‘caliphate’. namely, the Saudi regime with its harshly ‘puritanical’ version of the Shariah. ISIS is a replica of the British Saudi ‘caliphate’ of a century ago. The strictest (in fact distorted) form of the Shariah was introduced and harshly implemented by the Saudi regime. Initially there was full implementation of the Shariah.

ISIS is following in the footsteps of the Saudi Wahhaabis in exactitude – that is, the Wahhaabis of a century ago who had introduced and implemented fully the Wahhaabi brand of the Shariah. The harshness of implementation of the Shariah of the British Saudi ‘caliphate’ of the House of Saud, had brought even Muslims within its scope of takfeer, thus rendering all Muslims other than Wahhaabis, Mubaahud Dam (i.e. lawful for killing).

That ‘puritanical’ (i.e. adulterated and impure) British Saudi ‘caliphate’ has already perished many decades ago. There is hardly any semblance of the Shariah remaining in Saudi Arabia. The so-called ‘emancipation’ of women and the adornment of public bill boards and newspapers with pictures of women, which was unthinkable and unimaginable to the patriarchs of the Saudi ‘caliphate’, are adequate confirmation for the large scale disappearance of Islam from Saudi life.

Just as Islam is dead in all Muslims lands, so too is Islam dead – killed by the immoral Wahhaabis of this era. Saudi Arabia is firmly and swiftly steaming ahead on the road to full westernization. The West had no objection to the ‘puritanical’ Shariah of the Saudi regime as long as its strategic and conspiratorial objectives were being served and attained.

In fact, the U.S. had initially stated unequivocally that “the Taliban are not anti-West. They are anti-western life style’. As long as the Taliban of Afghanistan could be induced to co-operate with the West in the attainment of its strategic objectives, the U.S. and the West had no objection to any form of harsh implementation of the Shariah. Only when the Taliban could not be manipulated to serve the global objectives of the U.S. did the orthodox Islam of the Taliban become a convenient justification for invading and destroying the country.

The West had absolutely no objection to the Wahhaabi brand of the Shariah which the Saudis had introduced. Britain had created Saudi Arabia and the latter had handed the oil wealth of the land on a platter to its creator and master. There is no conundrum and no secret in these facts. History is repeating itself in the Middle East.

Now the U.S. has created ISIS to ensure that the Middle East remains within its umbrella of influence and control. Anarchy in the region is currently the best method for serving U.S. interests. There are a myriad of so-called ‘jihadi’ outfits as well as modernists groups which are operating in the Middle Eastern theatre of strife and anarchy. All these groups are funded, equipped and armed by the U.S. and its satellite Arab states, and also by other western countries.

Thus, an entire fleet of brand new bakkies was supplied to ISIS by Australia. The U.S. involvement in the current Middle Eastern chaos is an almost exact replica of its involvement in the Afghan war to expel the then Soviet Union. Just as the Soviet Union was entrapped in Afghanistan so will it increasingly find itself entrapped in the Middle eastern quagmire.

Obama’s statement that it will take many years to subdue and eliminate ISIS is extremely stupid and shockingly insulting to intelligence. While morons may swallow this inspid stupidity of Obama, people of intelligence simply laugh at the ludicrousness of the assertion. As stupid as it may sound, Obama’s statement is by conspiratorial design. The fact is that there is absolutely no intention by the U.S. to eliminate ISIS. After all, ISIS is America’s illegitimate child, hence it is being nourished and sustained by the U.S. via the conduit of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey.

To eliminate the Taliban, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan with hundreds of thousand of coalition troops and in a matter of hours the Taliban understanding that discretion is the better part of valour staged a tactical withdrawal from Kabul handing the capital on a platter to the invading kuffaar. The Taliban had understood that since the U.S. with its coalition would unleash a murderous aerial bombardment on Kabul and thousands of civilians – women and children – would be brutally killed, injured and maimed, intelligence therefore dictated a withdrawal. Thus, the U.S. with its barbarians displaced the Taliban and walked into Kabul.

During both Gulf wars, the U.S. invaded and unleashed brutal air bombardments against an enemy who was a thousand times superior to ISIS. Saddam Husain’s army was a thousand times better equipped and armed. It was a superior regular, conventional army. Iraq had adequate sophisticated defences, including an airforce of almost a thousand war planes. Yet, the U.S. unleashed its onslaught, killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and eliminated Saddam Husain and initiated a reign of chaos, mayhem and strife which continues to this day.

But, the U.S. today shamelessly asserts its impotency and the impotency of its coalition of European, Arab and Asian states to confront the ISIS outfit which is deprived of the advantageous mountainous covers enjoyed by the Taliban. ISIS has no air force. It moves its columns of fighters across vast open deserts on vehicles provided by the West. Yet, these columns of ISIS vehicles do not come under aerial attack. ISIS has captured a number of oilfield which are constantly pumping oil for the U.S. Turkey, Israel, etc. These oil fields do not come under U.S. attack.

How is it possible for ISIS to operate all these captured oilfields without fear of attack? And, why does the U.S. refrain from blasting the pipelines which run for hundreds of miles across desert terrain? Why are the pro-West so-called anti-ISIS Arab Coalition not blasting these pipelines? Why is the lifeline of Isis’s fund’s not cut? People of intelligence are not fooled. Morons may be sufficiently gullible for deglutition.

If ISIS had not been a cog in America’s conspiracy, the U.S. with have long ago decollated it. In relation to the U.S. and its western allies, the ISIS capital of Raqqa is defenceless and exposed. It should be a walkover. Remember Kobane, the Kurd town which the U.S. had utterly devastated and destroyed by means of its murderous aerial bombardment. Although Kobane was a town of the Kurds who are the allies of the U.S., the strategic objectives of the U.S. demanded its destruction.

Although the U.S.’s destruction of Kobane was ostensibly to prevent it falling into the hands of ISIS, there remains a huge question mark. The conundrum remains unsolved. The U.S. has already demarcated the boundaries for Kurdistan, Sunnistan and Shiahstan. At times the operations of ISIS may exceed the territorial limitation prescribed by the U.S. as was the case most probably with the attempt by ISIS to take Kobane which according to the American prescription has to remain within Kurdistan.

Thus, there was a need for decisive U.S. intervention to ensure that the plot remains on course and is not derailed by any jihadist operation which is counter-productive for the U.S. conspiracy. While the U.S. devastation of Kobane, an important town of its Kurd allies, seems to be anomalous with our theory of ISIS being a U.S. creation, the conundrum is cleared when it is understood that the vast majority of ISIS recruits is not a party to the conspiracy. They are blissfully unaware of the U.S. conspiracy.

A handful in the top hierarchy is in cahoots with the U.S. Islam is the bait for attracting recruits and foot-soldiers. Minus the officers, field commanders and foot-soldiers, the American scheme cannot attain fruition. All of those joining ISIS do so on the understanding that a valid Jihad is being waged for the Sake of Allah Ta’ala. Thus, there is bound to be a clash of interests between the morons in the lower ranks and the conspirators in the ruling echelons. The hierarchy has to tread cautiously to prevent exposure of the plot. Those in the lower ranks, completely unaware of the plot, at times embark on actions which are nugatory of the U.S. plot. The ISIS attack on Kobane, thwarted by the U.S., was of this kind.

The facts are glaringly conspicuous for confirming that ISIS is an American creation. It is sustained by the U.S. It is a cog in the U.S. conspiracy for maintaining its grip on the Middle East and for keeping the Iranian coalition at bay. That is, if Iran too is not part of the U.S. conspiracy. Shiahs can never ever be trusted. They are the worst traitors to Islam and the Ummah.


Whether ISIS is a U.S. plot or not is not of primary concern. For Muslims, of primary concern is to know whether the conflagration in Iraq and Syria is a valid Shar’i Jihad or not. Is ISIS waging a legitimate Jihad? The facts deny this contention.

Even if it be assumed that ISIS is not a U.S. creation, then too, this outfit is not waging a valid Shar’i Jihad. It is spiritually and morally bankrupt. Which Islam allows young girls to be surreptitiously lured from their homes to abscond without mahrams and without parental consent to venture into an unknown, dangerous and evil future? This recruiting tactic of ISIS is of crucial importance in understanding the mentality of these sex maniacs. Only sex maniacs lure young girls from their homes and convince them of the ‘merit’ of running away from their parents like prostitutes. Rasulullah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that it is not halaal for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to travel without a male mahram. So which Islam is ISIS following in the promotion of this bestiality?

And which Islam is ISIS following by brutally and recklessly murdering and uprooting the non-Muslim populace of Iraq? These people have been living in Iraq in the eras of all Khilaafats—during the Khilaafate of the Khulafa-e-Raashideen, during the Khilaafate of Bani Umayya, during the Khilaafate of Banu Abbaass, during the Khilaafte of the Ottomons and right until the present day. They were not molested by the rulers of Islam.

ISIS is the only entity which has embarked on the villainy of brutality against the minority non -Muslim population. The Shariah prescribes the comparatively small Jizyah tax for its non-Muslim citizens to protect them, to grant them freedom of religion and to exempt them from military service. It is a dastardly falsehood to claim that these people had defiantly refused to accept the Jizyah law, and opted to be killed and to be uprooted from the land where they lived for thousands of years such as the Yazidis.

It should be remembered that in a genuine Islamic state there is no income tax, no Vat and none of the plethora of oppressive taxes imposed by kuffaar governments. Thus, there is no reason why the non-Muslim citizens would defiantly refuse to pay Jizyah. Furthermore, those who are not by the means to pay Jizyah due to poverty are exempted. On the contrary, the Islamic State has to grant even its destitute non-Muslim citizens a monthly stipend from the Baitul Maal (Public Treasury).

So which Islam is ISIS following? ISIS follows Wahhaabi ‘Islam’, a fundamental of which is to sow terror with indiscriminate killing and brutality. All non-Wahhaabi Muslims are lawful game for plundering and elimination. This was the type of ‘Islam’ with which the British Saudi ‘caliphate’ had made its debut at the outset of its capture of Hijaaz.

Commenting on the brutality of the Wahhaabis, Allaamah Ibn Aabideen states:

“They (i.e. the Khawaarij) would make takfeer of the Sahaabah of our Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam), just as that which is happening in our age. The followers of Abdul Wahhaab have emerged from Najd and have taken control of the Haramain. While they pretend to be of the Math-hab of the Hanaabilah, they believe that only they are Muslims, and whoever opposes their belief are mushriks. Hence, they regard as lawful the killing of the Ahlus Sunnah (the followers of the Hanafi, Maaliki and Shaafi’ Math-habs) and of their Ulama.” (Shaami)

 The American ‘caliphate’ in Iraq has adopted this very same pattern of Wahhaabi ‘Islam’ ISIS – and all Wahhaabis – lack the understanding of the Maqsad of Jihad. The primary objective of Jihad is I’laa-e-Kalimatullah (To raise the glory of the Word of Allah). In other words, Jihad clears the path for Tableegh and Da’wat. It removes the hostile impediments to permit the free and smooth operation of the Muballigheen. This is the way in which Islam spread.
If the objective of Jihad was to kill non-Muslims, as is the objective of ISIS, then today only the Arabs of Hijaaz would have been Muslims. The vast majority of Muslims in the world hailed from Christianity, Hinduism, Bhuddism, paganism, etc. All our forefathers were kuffaar and mushrikeen who accepted Islam voluntarily when they saw the beauty of this Deen. But what has ISIS to offer non-Muslims? Can non-Muslims who observe ISIS in action ever be enticed to enter into the fold of Islam?

Furthermore, the real enemy consists of the U.S., Israel and Russia. But ISIS is not fighting the U.S., Israel and Russia. It is killing Muslims of its own kind (Wahhaabi/Salafis of the other Jihaadi outfits), some Shiahs, and Yazidis. Currently, there is no valid Shar’i Jihad in Iraq and Syria. The conflagration is American-sponsored and created to further the global objectives of the U.S.

The jihad outfits are running in circles like bandits from village to village with no clear objective in sight or in mind. ISIS has lost a considerable size of the territory it had captured two years ago. Baghdad is right on its doorstep. It dare not even look in that direction. ISIS has lost Tikrit and Ramadi. It has become an impotent rural ‘caliphate’.

If ISIS had enjoyed Allah’s Nusrat, then by this time Bagdhad, Istanbul, Amman, Cairo, Damascus and Israel would have been annexed to the Khilaafate. However, since this dummy ‘caliphate’ is a purely American venture, the effects of the conspiracy are conspicuous for men of intelligence to observe. There is no Jihad in Iraq and Syria. Those who join ISIS are morons who are being reduced to bandits and dacoits to serve American interests.

[By Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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