The Worldwide Moon-Sighting Fitnah

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It is most shocking, but also revealing, how lightly the so-called ‘Ulama-e-Haqq’ of the UK are taking the issue of moon-sighting, often giving permission to celebrate Eid on the wrong day and eating with a clear conscience even when Ramadhan clearly has not ended. This appears to be just another issue which exposes the state of the ‘Ulama’ in these times in which most of the minor signs of the Hour have already taken place, including Rasulullah’s (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) predictions that the true Deen will have become Ghareeb (lone, strange, forlorn) and that the Ulama in general, the so-called ‘Jama’ah’, will be Dhwaal (Misguided) and Mudhil (Misguiding and leading the masses to Jahannum). Please could you publish some Naseehat to the Ulama in the UK, and comment in particular on the moon-sighting travesty that took place in the UK this year (2013), which, in fact, appears to take place every year. On Wednesday, 7th August, Wifaqul Ulama made the following unambiguous announcement on their website:

“Despite efforts locally by many Muslims throughout the UK the Hilal of Shawwal has not been sighted. Hilal was also not sighted in South Africa despite being the only place to the east of UK where sighting was a possibility. Morocco has reported negative sighting. In light of this the Wifaq ul Ulama hereby announces that Thursday the 8th of August is the 30th of Ramadhan and Friday the 9th of August will be Eid al-Fitr.”

On the other hand, Hizbul Ulama, which appears to have the official affiliation of the major madaris in the UK, gave the following notice on their website, giving no indication whatsoever as to who exactly saw the moon:

Eid-ul-Fitr is on Thursday 8th August 2013
Ramadhan 1434H to complete 29 days – Alhamdulillah

The most concerning thing was that it seemed that almost ALL the Deobandi mosques and Madaris in the UK followed the announcement of Hizbul Ulama. Most of my local community, including friends, family, relatives, etc. other than the Barelwis, declared Eid on Wednesday evening. On the following day, when I went to the Hizbul Ulama website to check if they had put up any justification for their stance, I found they had put up a notice, attached with a horrendous document, titled:


Shockingly hammering further the point that they had deviated drastically from the Haqq (truth), the document contained photos of Eidgahs all over the world, many of which are close-ups of women with no niqab and wearing tight-fitting clothes, intermingled with a few men here and there. Hizbul Ulama has had the official endorsement on their website from Darul Uloom Bury (the most famous and prestigious Madrasah) and Jamiatul Ulama Britiain, for as far back as I can remember. And all the Madrasahs in the UK appears to blindly follow the Saudi announcement without any questioning.

Having had to face an onslaught of accusations of causing ‘fitnah’ and ‘disunity’ from my family, relatives, etc. I decided to contact a trustworthy Aalim residing in Madinah to determine whether or not the moon was actually seen in Saudi by anybody reliable. My question and the Aalim’s reply is as below:

“Maulana, I would like to ask you whether or not you were able to personally see the new moon on Wednesday or you heard directly from someone else who did see it and whose adaalat you can personally vouch for?

The Saudi government consisting of fussaqs, fujjars, zaalims, who are all complicit in horrendous crimes against innocent Muslims have long ago forfeited all claims to adaalat. Thus, even more unreliable is their testimony regarding the adaalat of anonymous people with telescopic eyesights (and kashfi foresights) whom they seem to conjure up unfailingly every single year.

The fact that 40,000 brothers are languishing in Saudi’s torture chambers, many of whom are innocent Ulama guilty of not towing the line to the precise nanometer, is sufficient proof alone that the government are Zaalims of the highest order and that the Saudi scholars who have escaped incarceration thus far are uniquely adept at not ruffling any royal feathers, and thus completely subservient to their handlers.

Despite this and innumerable other crimes against the Deen, it appears more and more of our mosques and madaris in the UK seem to be following this Saudi government on the issue of moon-sighting. Amongst my friends, family, relatives, and local community, it seemed like I was the only one to cause ‘fitnah’ by doing Eid on Friday in-sync with the Barelwis. So I would be grateful if you could provide any satisfactory answers to my question above. Jazakumullahu Khairan,” (End of my Question)

The Reply by the Aalim was as follows:

“Wassalaam, Can u see a moon which wasn’t even there? No one saw it, don’t know anyone who saw it. Brothers/friends in riyadh. No one! I saw it on thursday/Friday I think.  Everyone knew eid would be on thurday in saudi. You know a lot of saudi brothers sit in itekaaf. They always leave one day before last night. This year they left on Tuesday night. That’s the khulasa.”


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commanded:

“Search for the  moon  (at the end of )the 29th day. If it is overcast over you, then complete the month with thirty days.”

This command of the Shariah stated by Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) is so mash-hoor (well-known) to even  ignorant Muslims, that presenting evidence in substantiation  is superfluous. This immutable law of the Shariah is the only criterion for determining the Islamic months. There is absolutely no other way permitted by the Shariah. All other man-invented methods are mardood (rejected by the Shariah).

The announcement made  this year by  Wifaaqul Ulama of U.K. is 100% in accord with the Shariah. Every Muslim in the United Kingdom was required by the Shariah to  have accepted this announcement and to have fasted on Thursday 8 August 2013, for it was   truly the 30th day of Ramadhaan. It was haraam to have celebrated Eid on Thursday 8 August 2013  in subservience to the Saudi pronouncement adopted by Hizbul Ulama of UK. All those who had celebrated Eid on the 30th Ramadhaan (Thursday 8th August), should make one Qadha fast, and in addition  make Taubah for having omitted the Fast and  having celebrated a mock ‘eid’ on the last day of Ramadhaan.

The brief, cryptic announcement made by Hizbul Ulama was unacceptable.  It makes absolutely no mention of any hilaal-sighting in  the UK nor of any sighting of any other country which had reached it by Tareeq-e-Moojib – absolutely reliable  way of transmission to  compel acceptance. The so-called ‘official’ announcement of Hizbul Ulama is devoid of official Shar’i sanction, hence it was supposed to have  been rejected  in favour of acceptance of the correct, Shar’i announcement made by Wifaaqul Ulama of UK.

The brief, wholly deficient announcement of Hizbul Ulama is a lamentably clear deviation from the more than 14 century Law of the Shariah pertaining to the hilaal and the determination of the Islamic month. In having  consciously and intentionally  rejected  the immutable Law of the Shariah, Hizbul Ulama  is playing with the Fire of Jahannum and hovering on the brink of Kufr. Side-stepping, in fact rejecting, any Hukm of the Shariah is not a trifling issue. The consequences and repercussions of  such a satanic move are exceptionally grave.

It appears that Hizbul Ulama has made itself subservient to the pronouncements of the brutal Saudi regime which has degenerated from its level of fisq and fujoor to the level of Kufr. Also, Hizbul Ulama appears to have thrown in its lot with the ISNA modernist fussaaq of North America who had announced more than a month before Ramadhaan, the dates of  Ramadhaan and Eidul Fitr.  Such announcement was a blatant act of Kufr, for it brazenly  rejected the immutable command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and the  Ijmaa-ee Law of the Shariah of all Four Math-habs to search for the hilaal.

There was no sighting of the hilaal  confirmed by any aadil entity in Saudi Arabia. In fact  the need to sight the moon was dispensed by the Kufr regime of Saudi Arabia when it had already announced on the 28th of Ramadhaan that  Eidul Fitr would be celebrated on Thursday 8 August which was actually the 30th Day of Ramadhaan even in Saudi Arabia.

The only motivation  for the rash and haraam move by Hizbul Ulama appears to be nafsaaniyat. It has absolutely no Shar’i grounds nor any justification for having  announced that Eid would be on  a day which in reality was the 30th of Ramadhaan. When fear of Allah Ta’ala is lacking, then  despicable nafsaani motives overshadow the intelligence, preventing it from understanding the  disastrous consequences of  trifling with the Deen.

Since Hizbul Ulama had embarked on a blatantly baatil move, thereby perpetrating  the heinous evil and rebellious act of  ignoring the sacred criterion of the Shariah for  determining the commencement of  the  Islamic month, it devolves on  the Ulama of that organization to  present their basis for their  cryptic announcement: 

Did Hizbul Ulama base its announcement on a physical sighting of the hilaal?  

If yes, what are the details?

Who are the persons/entities who had sighted the moon?

Where was it  sighted?  

Why did Hizbul Ulama opt for  secrecy in this regard?

On what Shar’i basis  did Hizbul Ulama announce that Ramadhaan this year had only 29 days?

In desperation  to vindicate its baatil  announcement, Hizbul Ulama resorted to the blatantly haraam act of displaying on its website haraam pictures of men and women participating in Eid Salaat  in some places. One haraam spawns another haraam. Since Hizbul Ulama  had no Shar’i basis for its  baseless and haraam announcement, it  felt itself constrained to adopt methods to present a façade of  veracity for the mock ‘eid’ it had  imposed on its flock.

The Muslim community in the UK should become alert to the vile trend of departing from the Shariah increasingly being adopted by modernists and deviate ulama of our times. Intelligent people should demand from Hizbul Ulama its Shar’i grounds, which in fact it lacks,  for having departed from the 14 century Command of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

Remember, that it is haraam to follow baatil regardless of the source from which it emanates, be it a body of Ulama. Certain issues are self-evident realities of the Shariah known to all and sundry. When people of intelligence accept and submit to views and baseless rulings of ulama simply because of some  relationship or allegiance, then they  come within the scope of the Qur’aanic stricture:

“They (Bani Israaeel) took their ulama and their Mashaaikh as gods besides Allah….”

[Answer by Hazrat Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai] .

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