There Will Be No Progress As Long As We Attempt to Compromise The Shari’ah


Hakimul Ummat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) explaining the secret of the success and progress of the early Muslims said:

“O Muslims! For progress, study the cause of the progress of Muslims. How did they progress. Don’t look at the progress of the kuffaar. Don’t look at the cause of their progress. Every nation has its own spiritual disposition.

The basis of progress of o­ne nation need not be the cause for progress of another nation. What may be beneficial to o­ne people may not be so for others. In fact, even o­n an individual basis, it does not follow that something which is beneficial for o­ne person will necessarily be beneficial for another person of even the same community.

Something which may be of benefit to a cultured person of refined disposition will not be beneficial for a rustic or village dweller.

By virtue of Islam you have become refined and of delicate disposition. Hence, what is beneficial for the kuffaar will not necessarily be good for you. Your similitude is like that of headgear (topi). A topi is removed from the head if even a little najaasat (impurity) soils it. o­n the other hand, shoes are not discarded o­n account of najaasat.

Allah Ta’ala detests to see you soiled in najaasat (spiritual and physical impurities). If you become soiled in impurities you will be immediately taken to task and punished. o­n the contrary, the kuffaar are tolerated regardless of the quantity of najaasat with which they become polluted.

Obedience to the Shariah is the true honour and progress. Walk along the path of the Shariah and you will understand. Insha’Allah, you will then be truly honoured. Be firm o­n the Deen and all nations will be made subservient to you.”

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