Total Submission To Allah – The Only Solution


Failure, defeat and humiliation are the salient features of the Ummah in this age. The Ummah which had o­nce upon a time ruled the world with unparalleled glory is groveling today at the feet of the kuffaar. For every blow of humiliation a Muslim nation suffers at the hands of the enemies of Islam, it has to offer a thanks and pretend that the afflicted humiliation is a boon conferred o­n it. This is the price of friendship with Allah’s enemies.


Inspite of the massive wealth and huge armed forces at the disposal of the Ummah, the kuffaar trample o­n the lands of Muslims and their people in just any way they desire. The present state of the Ummah is manifest evidence of the denial of Allah’s Nusrat (Divine Aid). Without Allah’s Nusrat nothing ever will come right for Muslims. The Sahaabah and the early Muslims enjoyed this Nusrat, hence they remained masters of the world. When Allah Ta’ala decided to withhold His Nusrat, the kuffar were placed in domination over us. This is Allah’s Decree. It is His Sunnah in which there is no change and diversion. When the Believers become disobedient, the price they pay for it in this world is the imposition of kuffaar hege mony and tyranny. These are forms of Divine Punishment.

The solution for this humiliating problem and disease from which the Ummah suffers is nothing other than returning to His obedience. In the wake of such total obedience the doors of His Rahmat and Nusrat will open up. This is the Divine Promise, but no o­ne heeds it. The hearts of the Mu’mineen have become devoid of yaqeen due to gross and flagrant disobedience.


Divine Aid is a priceless treasure. There is a price, however, for procuring it. The Doors of Nusrat will open up if the Ummah is willing to pay the price. That price is Obedience to Allah Ta’ala. Without obedience, never will Allah’s Nusrat come and never will the yoke of disgrace and kuffaar domination be removed from this Ummah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), stating this Price, said:

“Whatever is by Allah cannot be acquired except by obeying Him.”

 Thus, without total submission and obedience to the Shariah and the Sunnah lifestyle, Allah’s Nusrat will not be forthcoming. All attempts and prescriptions of the past couple of centuries have ended in nothing but massive failure and defeat.

The Majlis Vol. 15 no. 10

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