Have Two Thirds of Deobandism been Destroyed by THE Dumb Person?

“The dumb Hanbali butcher has shaken the foundations of Deobandism to the core.”

“..witness how one third of Deobandism is destroyed by a dumb person.”

“That should suffice for us in destroying two thirds of Deobandism, or at least one third. Those who wanna stick to Maturidism must drop both Mathabistic Taqleed and Sufism (two thirds of Deobandism dead for these guys); those wanna stick to Mathabistic Taqleed must drop Maturidism (one third of Deobandism dead for this group); and those who stick to Sufism the way it is understood by Deos must drop Maturidism (one third of
Deobandism dead for these Khanqahis).”

– Shaykh Harris Hammam (aka Shaykh Ismail Ibrahim Patel)

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In his ninth ramble, the coprocreep is at pains to prove a specific direction for Allah Ta’ala by presenting a particular mas’alah in terms of the Hambali Math-hab. In this mas’alah, a person who is dumb (not to be confused with stupid) – literally dumb or unable to speak – when slaughtering an animal, should point his finger upwards to indicate that he is  slaughtering in the Name of Allah Ta’ala.

Then, the coprocreep proceeds to contend that this mas’alah has cast the Ahnaaf (followers of the Hanafi Math-hab) whom he restricts to the Ulama of Deoband and their followers, in a dilemma because:

a) If they accept the validity of this rule, which their propagation of  Taqleed requires of them, then it follows that they are acknowledging that Allah is in the Heavens.

b) If they reject the mas’alah, they will be refuting what Taqleed commands, viz., strict following of the Math-hab which the Muqallideen Ulama propagate.

This fiqhi mas’alah of the Hambali Math-hab poses no dilemma for the Ahnaaf.  While this mas’alah deals with a physically dumb person (akhras – one who is unable to speak), the coprocreep is dumb and numb in his brains embedded in a stercoral sensorium, hence he is capable of excreting from his mouth this drivel which  he cites as a basis for  the formulation of  an Aqeedah (Belief).

Let it be known to the dumb coprocreep that Aqaa-id are not the products of juz’i fiqhi masaa-il.  The attempt to construct a Belief on the basis of  a particular fiqhi rule which is the effect of  Qiyaas (Reasoning) speaks volumes for the  jahaalat of the coprocreep. He is too stupid to understand that  Aqeedah is the product of  Daleel-e-Qat’i  (a daleel based on absolute certitude such as  a Qur’aanic aayat or Ahaadith-e-Mutawaatarah).

The contention that Allah Ta’ala is confined to the Arsh above the heavens is an aqeedah. To substantiate  this belief  it is downright stupid to present as proof  the method which the Hambali Math-hab imposes on an akhras for the validity of  Thabah.

The rationale for pointing towards the heaven  when the dumb person slaughters, does not  support the contention that Allah Ta’ala is confined to the heavens and that He is nowhere else.

Assuming that the slave girl who had indicated towards the heaven with her finger when Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) had asked her  about Allah Ta’ala, had indicated instead to the east and the west and backed it up with the Qur’aanic aayat: “Unto Allah belongs the east and the west. Whichever way you turn, there is the Face of Allah.” , Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) would likewise have  confirmed her Imaan.

Thus, the statement that Allah Ta’ala is  in the heavens is supported by the aayat: “He is The Being  in the heaven Who is Ilaah (the Deity), and in the  earth He is the Ilaah…” (Aayat 84, Zukhruf), as well  as by other aayaat. There was therefore no need to dig out the fiqhi  issue pertaining to the ‘dumb’ slaughterer.

Although this aayat states explicitly that Allah Ta’ala is also in the earth, to man’s understanding loftiness is  related to  the realm which  to us is ‘above’. We and animals trample, excrete, mess and sin on the earth. The ground on which we tramp is not considered  to be lofty. Thus, although the Qur’aan Majeed  categorically affirms the Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal also “in the earth”,  when we raise our hands in dua or we are in distress, then we raise these limbs  in that direction which is above in relation to us.

Just as the aforementioned aayat states that Allah Ta’ala is in the heaven and in the earth,  other verses mention other directions as well, such as east and west which logically includes north and south and all points between any two directions. Thus, whilst Allah Azza Wa Jal encompasses all directions just as He encompasses entire creation including the Arsh and everything above and below the Arsh,  direction does not  encompass nor confine Him. But the logical conclusion of the belief of the deviant salafis is that Allah Ta’ala is confined  in a specific space of His creation, namely on the Arsh. But this is manifestly baatil.

The simple explanation for the pointing towards the heaven by the akhras when slaughtering an animal is to confirm that he slaughters in only Allah’s Name, not in the names of any idols or other deities who are all located on and in the earth, not in the heavens. It is downright stupid to present the pointing of the dumb person as a daleel for the belief that Allah Ta’ala is  confined in  the  heavens.

If someone says that he believes that Allah Ta’ala is confined to the Ka’bah, and presents as his daleel the fact that when slaughtering animals they have to be faced in the direction of the Ka’bah, and  Salaat has to be performed  in the Ka’bah’s direction, and the body in the grave has to be faced to the Qiblah,  then his ‘daleel’ will be similar to the coprocreep’s ‘daleel’  of pointing towards the heaven for his  belief of confining Allah Azza Wa Jal to the Arsh or in the heavens.

It will be said to the ignoramus who endeavours to formulate a belief (aqeedah) on the basis of his logic and opinion: An Aqeedah is the product of a narrational daleel of the Qat’iuth Thuboot category. Irrespective of how logical your opinion and deduction may appear, the fact remains that it is the product of your opinion and reasoning whereas Aqeedah is the effect of a direct Command of the Qur’aan and Hadith of the Qat’i class of Ahaadith.

So what the coprocreep fails to understand due to  the stercoral substances in which his brains swirl, is that the aqeedah of Allah Ta’ala being confined to a specific spot in His creation, namely the created Arsh, cannot be substantiated on the basis of  a simple fiqhi mas’alah of the Hambali Math-hab pertaining to the slaughtering of animals by a dumb man.

Whilst the slaughterer in the question here is  physically dumb, the coprocreep is dumb and numb in his brains, hence he blurts out drivel without  applying his mind.

There is also no need to dig out the fiqhi mas’alah for substantiating  the Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal in the heaven  (fis-samaa’). A better daleel of  absolute certitude (Qat’iyyatuth Thuboot) exists in the Qur’aan Majeed which states:

“He (Allah) is The Being in the heaven Who is the Ilaah (Deity/God).”

The Qur’aan emphatically and explicitly affirms the Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal in the heaven  (fis-samaa’). Therefore, the coprocreep’s attempt to prove Allah’s Presence in the heaven with the aid of the dumb slaughterer is a futile and a stupid exercise.

In addition, the attempt to prove the Presence of Allah Azza Wa Jal in the heavens is redundant and irrational. An argument is presented to affirm an issue which is being denied. However, the Ahnaaf are not in abnegation of the Divine Presence in the heaven. We  testify that Allah Azza Wa Jal is in the Samaa’. The attempt to prove to us the Divine Presence in the heavens is  therefore stupid,  misdirected and redundant. It is a futile exercise.

The reason why the coprocreep has refrained from citing the Qur’aanic verse which affirms the Divine Presence in the heaven, is  because the very same aayat affirms the Divine Presence in the earth as well. The Qur’aan Majeed states:

“He (Allah) is The Being Who is the Ilaah in the heaven, and the Ilaah in the earth.”
(Zukhruf, aayat 84).

In assigning a confined space to Allah Ta’ala, the coprocreep and his salafi masters are in denial of this Qur’aanic verse which explicitly declares the Divine Presence in the earth as well. There are other verses too of the Qur’aan-e-Hakeem which confirm the Divine Omnipresence – an Immanence which is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Thus the Qur’aan states:

“East and West belong to Allah. Whichever way you turn, there is the  Face of Allah.”  

While the salafi coprocreeps  believe that Allah Ta’ala is  only in the heaven, confined to the Arsh,  the Qur’aan Majeed  explicitly affirms the Omnipresence of Allah Azza Wa Jal. They are unable to deny that they resort to naked  ta’weel to bend the Qur’aanic verses to conform to their corrupt belief of Allah Azza Wa Jal being confined to the created Arsh.

Refuting the literal interpretation of the terms: “He is in the heaven…”,  Shaikh Ibn Jauzi Hambali (rahmatullah alayh) says in his kitaab, Daf’u Shubh:   

“It has been emphatically established that the aayat is not to be understood literally because the word ‘fi’ (in) is for zarfiyyah (i.e. for containment in space) whilst Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala is not contained by space. Now when (human) understanding prevents from adopting such a meaning, then there remains only to describe The  Mighty One with what is magnificent to creation.”

It is never magnificent to ascribe such an attribute to Allah Azza Wa Jal which renders Him ‘smaller’ than His creation, which is the conclusion of confining Him to a particular point in creation, namely, the Throne…

The following averment of the coprocreep is likewise superfluous and redundant:

“The Hanaabilah who devised this mas’alah had only one thing in mind – that by pointing, it is meant Allah being up-above in the heaven is meant.” 

The Divine Presence “up-above in the haven” is a belief which is not restricted to the Hanaabilah. The followers of all Math-habs affirm this belief. However, the difference between the followers of the FOUR Math-habs and the salafi coprocreeps is that while they cordon and block-off Allah Azza Wa Jal in a specific space of His creation, the followers of the FOUR Math-habs affirm the Divine Omnipresence Bila Kaif.

His Presence is immanent in the heavens, the earth, in the space in-between the heavens and the earth, above the Arsh, below the Arsh and  in whatever Allah Azza Wa Jal has created and of which we are unaware precisely as stated in the Qur’aan Shareef. And, as for the concept of Divine Omnipresence, we say that it is bila kaif.  No one knows and no one can ever formulate a concept for any of the Divine Attributes, which could be encompassed by the finite capacity of the created mind.

Furthermore, the fiqhi mas’alah of the Hanaabilah pertaining to the dumb slaughterer (dumb as opposed to numb and dumb brains) on the basis of which the coprocreep has abortively attempted to structure  a belief relating to the Sifaat of Allah Azza Wa Jal, has no relevance to  Aqeedah. Whilst it is imperative  to believe in the Aqeedah, it is not incumbent for the akhras to confine his expression of Tasmiyah to the pointing act. It is thus stated in Al-Mughni of Ibn Qudaamah from whence the coprocreep has extracted this mas’alah:

“Verily, if he (the dumb slaughterer) makes any sign which indicates the Tasmiyah, and this (fact) is known (from his indication – ishaarah), then it shall suffice.” (Al-Mughni, Vol.11, page 61)

After stupidly proffering this  baseless and unrelated fiqhi mas’alah, the coprocreep who masquerades as a Hanafi in England, asks:

“Dear Deo, what is your choice? Mathabistic Taqleed? or Maturidism?”  

Our response: Dear salafi coprocreep! Our choice is both – Mathabistic Taqleed and Maturidism…

“According to Deobandis, the Taqleed they impose on themselves and others is strict Taqleed Mathabi, i.e. Taqleed of one school only. This means they should advocate that dumb Hanbalis should follow the Hanbali School in pointing to the sky before commencing slaughter.”

“Dumb” in this context refers to a person who is unable to speak. The reference is not to a stupid person such as the coprocreep.

Undoubtedly, the Ulama of Deoband advocate strict adherence to the Math-hab. This adherence  has gained greater meaning and importance in this age in which  unbridled nafsaaniyat dominates. Every coprocreep has become a plastic ‘mujtahid’ flaunting jahl-e-muraqqab (compound ignorance). In this age  when the Ummah is floundering rudderless in the storms of nafsaaniyat, deviation and kufr, it is imperative for evey Muslim to cling  with his jaws to his Math-hab. The Math-hab is the Ship of Salvation which will sail to Jannat.

And, today there remain only Four Math-habs – Hanafi, Maaliki, Shaafi’ and Hambali. In this era, the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah is confined to these Four Math-habs of the Salaf-e-Saaliheen. Salafi’ism is a deviant sect beyond the fold of the Ahlus Sunnah.

The coprocreep wanders in a cesspool of confusion. He is simply  oblivious of his incoherent ranting. The Ulama of Deoband are not promoting the idea that dumb Hambalis should not follow their Math-hab when they perform Thabah (slaughtering of animals). The Hambali Math-hab requires  that a dumb person who slaughters should point his finger upwards to symbolize the Tasmiah which he us unable to  verbally proclaim.

The stupid coprocreep seeks to develop the baatil Aqeedah of Allah Ta’ala being confined to a specific spot in space on the basis of the dumb Hambali pointing upwards when he slaughters an animal. He fails to discern the insult he heaps on to his own brains with this stupidity. The issue of the dumb Hambali has  also been explained earlier. Whilst the Hambali slaughterer is dumb in his tongue, the coprocreep Salafi is numb and numb in his brains…

[Unfathomable Difference Between the Aqeedah of the Anthropomorphists and the Uncorrupted Layman When Pointing Upwards]

Now when a coprocreep Salafi points his finger towards the sky and emphatically says that ‘Allah is only there’, what idea of Allah Azza Wa Jal will be constructed in the mind of the layman?

When a dumb person (one who is unable to speak) slaughters an animal, then according to the Hambali Math-hab, he should indicate Tasmiah by pointing his finger upwards. Despite dumb Hambali followers practising accordingly and although Hambali muqallideen are aware of this Fiqhi mas’alah, it never gave rise to the rotten doctrine of the coprocreep Salafis. It was accepted purely as a Fiqhi mas’alah in the same way that we face the Qiblah without believing Allah Ta’ala to be living inside the Ka’bah in the way coprocreeps believe Allah Azza Wa Jal lives on the Arsh.

Muslims are aware that Allah Ta’ala is “nearer to us than our jugular veins”. But this awareness never gave rise to any anthropomorphic ideas regarding the Being and Attributes of Allah Ta’ala. When it is said in the words of the Qur’aan:

“Whichever way you turn your face there is the Face of Allah.”,

it never raced through the minds of ordinary Muslims that Allah Ta’ala is a physical being in the east and the west. Everyone accepts the Qur’aanic verse and what is said therein without asking and wondering of the manner of His Presence. How is He present? This question has developed only in the wake of Salafi rubbish conceptions.

To neutralize the ideas and conceptions of  kufr which  form in the mind of ordinary people in the wake of  their stupid propagations, Imaam Maturidi was constrained to present  valid interpretation of certain issues. At no stage did Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh) claim that any of his interpreted views is immutable and that the reality is as he has interpreted.  On the contrary, Imaam Maturidi (rahmatullah alayh) explains in his Tafseer, Ta’weelaatu Ahlis Sunnah:

“The principle is what we have mentioned: viz. We do not measure  His action with the action of creation nor His Attribute with the attributes of creation because, verily, He (Allah) has informed: “Nothing is like Him”. -Surah Shuraa 

Further expounding on this principle, Imaam Maturidi states:

“Verily, we attribute to Him that which has been revealed and in the manner it has come. We know that He has no resemblance  to whatever has been narrated of the actions of others besides Him….…   Verily, we believe that Allah – nothing is like Him, and it is not conceivable for Him to have a likeness in any thing.” …

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