The UK and South African Moon-Sighting Debacle

[Note: This article is relevant to the UK and other countries where many people based their Eid on the 22 sightings in South Africa which supposedly fulfilled the Shariah requirement for declaring Eid.]


“These are the limits of Allah. Whoever transgresses the limits of Allah, verily, he has oppressed his soul.” (Qur’aan) 


Confusion, mischief and anarchy invariably follow in the wake of transgression. When the laws of the Shariah are transgressed and when bid’ah is interpolated into the Deen, the inevitable consequence is discord and disunity. While all people clamour for unity, they miserably fail to understand the cause of the dissension prevailing in the Muslim community. Thus, every moron offers stupid solutions fabricated by the nafs in a futile endeavour to forge an unattainable pipedream ‘unity’.

A perennial dispute which has its roots in the modernism of the juhhaal (ignoramuses), is moon-madness. Today, when Islam is 1435 years of age since the era of Hijrat, the morons posing as intelligentsia, and the quack and crank molvis and sheikhs flounder in a cesspool of confusion unable to figure out when exactly is the commencement of Ramadhaan and the Day of Eid. Their miserable conduct conveys the notion that the Shariah has been silent on these issues since its inception, and that the determination of the Islamic calendar is a recent expediency requiring the brains of the conglomeration of morons to forge a ‘fatwa’ for the mirage of a unitary Eid in the four corners of the earth.

What beggars understanding is: Why does the malady of moon-madness afflict only modern society – a society in which modernism and liberalism dominate? Why does the moon not cause madness and discord in rural and ‘primitive’ regions, and in Muslim societies which are following the age-old principle of:

“For every place (city/town) is its sighting”?

Why was their no dissension and no mischief during the age of the Sahaabah when Eid was celebrated on different days in Shaam and Madinah despite the fact that 100% reliable and authentic confirmation of the sighting of the hilaal reached Madinah from Shaam several days before ending of Ramadhaan. Why did Hadhrat Abdullah Ibn Abbaas (radhiyallahu anhu) on two occasions declare that Shaam’s sighting is for Shaam, and Madinah’s sighting is for Madina? And, why did this difference not lead to discord and dissension?

Never had there been any attempt in the Islamic empire to forge a unitary Eid – Eid on one day in all places. Morons will stupidly argue that in the early era of Islam there were no modern systems of communication, hence a unitary Eid could not be proclaimed. This argument will be rejected with contempt by even the baboons inhabiting mountainous regions. We have mentioned above the episode of Shaam and Madinah. The reality has always been Eid on different days in even places in close proximity. Thus, the Shaafi’ Fuqaha unequivocally state that moon-sightings are valid only within a radius of Masaafat Qasr (48 miles). And, even the followers of the Hanafi Math-hab have been universally practising in accordance with this tenet.

It was never the practice to engage in laborious endeavours to ascertain the moon-sightings of other places, not even of places ten miles away. Those who have had the good fortune to be the students of Hadhrat Maulana Masihullah (rahmatullah alayh) can testify that while in Saharanpur, an hour by bus from Jalalabad, it was Eid, there was no Eid in Jalalabad. Eid would be sometimes in Deoband – the Headquarters of the Ulama-e- Deoband – while in Jalalabad it was the 30th Ramadhaan. Despite Eid on different days in places a stone’s throw away, there was no discord and disunity on this score.

The Ta-aamul (standing, regular, universal) practice of the Ummah since the very inception of Islam was for every place to have Eid on the basis of its own sighting just as every place performed Salaat at different times without the slightest element of discord and disunity.

There is absolutely no basis in the Shariah for forging a unitary Eid. This nafsaani craving is not supported by the Qur’aan and Sunnah. The Fuqaha never advocated this fiction of the modernists and liberals. The discord is the consequence of transgressing the limits of Allah Ta’ala by the bid’ah of a unitary Eid. There is no such concept in the Shariah.

If Eid is on the 30th day in some places and on the 31st day in another place, how does this necessary and natural difference disrupt Muslim unity? If Maghrib is at 6 p.m in one town and at 6.30 in another town, what kink does it introduce in Muslim unity? How does such a natural difference disturb the brotherhood of the Ummah? Why is disunity not created by the different times for the same Salaat in different towns and cities? What is the rational argument to bolster the moronic idea of ‘disunity’ if Eid is held on different days in different towns and cities?

In view of there being no Shar’i basis for establishing a unitary Eid, the clamour in the quarters of the miscreant modernists and liberal molvis and sheikhs is devoid of Shar’i substance. The attempt to introduce this bid’ah is the root cause for the disputes and controversy of moon-madness.

The miscreants never raise a clamour over issues commanded by the Shariah. There is no attempt by them to strive for filling the Musaajid for the daily Fardh Salaat on which is based the structure of Islam. The command to enforce Salaat is the primary obligation of the Islamic state, hence the Qur’aan commands the Rulers:

“And, if We grant them political power on earth, they establish Salaat, pay (and establish) Zakaat, and they command virtue and prohibit vice.”

Fulfilment of these Fardh commands is the basis for the unity of the Ummah. The unity of the Ummah can never be attained on the basis of a bid’ah – a unitary Eid – which has never been envisaged by the Shariah.

A unity achieved in conflict with the teachings of the Shariah is an accursed unity. It is like the unity of the mushrikeem against the Haqq propagated by the Ambiya. The Ambiya (alayhimus salaam) were the very first persons to rip to shreds the false unities forged by the people of baatil – the kuffaar and mushrikeen. The Reverend Abraham with his miserable carrionhalaalizer MJC crony and the bogus paper front entity called ‘uucsa’ are plodding the very same path of the mushrikeen in whose religion the doctrine of corrupt unity – unity on falsehood – was of fundamental importance. Thus, we constantly hear the din of ‘unity’ regardless of whether this objective of unity conforms to the Shariah or not – regardless of the violation of the Shariah.

Emphasizing the ibaadat of dissociation from baatil and the ibaadat of disunity, the Qur’aan Majeed says:

“There was most certainly a wonderful example for you in Ibraaheem and those who were with him when they said to (their kuffaar) people: ‘Verily, we dissociate from you and from that (idols) which you worship besides Allah. We reject you. Enmity and hatred have become apparent between us and you forever (O Mushrikeen!). (And this mutual animosity will continue) until you believe in the One Allah…..” (Al-Mumtahinah, Aayat 4)

A disunity on the basis of the Shariah – a disunity to uphold the Haqq of the Deen is a lofty ibaadat of high merit. A unity which is able to accommodate baatil is a satanic ploy to derail Muslims from Siraatul Mustaqeem.

The gullible masses are prone to become ensnared into the tentacles of baatil which the miscreants promote with the slogan of ‘unity’. With this stunt the ignorant public is being misled. These molvis and sheikhs thrive and flourish on the ignorance of the masses. As long as the masses remain ignorant of the Shariah, the miscreants feel assured of their ‘leadership’. It is a simple matter to lead herds of morons, hence these wayward scholars for dollars never educate the masses. They only seek to seduce the Imaan of the masses by concealing the Haqq in the way the Ulama of Bani Israaeel did to their masses. To alert the masses of the haraam priestly grip which the clergy of Bani Israaeel exercised on the people, the Qur’aan says:

“They (the masses) take their ulama and their sheikhs as gods besides Allah, and (also) for Isaa the son of Maryam.”

The NNB Jamiat jaahil priests and the MJC jaahil priests specialize in hollow and dubious slogans such as ‘unity’. Little do the masses understand that unity on the basis of haraam is haraam. Thus, forging a ‘unity’ on the basis of the bid’ah of a unitary Eid achieved in conflict with the tenets of the Shariah is haraam. It is a satanic ‘unity’ which men of the dunya pursue for the gratification of their base desires for name, fame and cheap publicity. The vilest creators of disunity in the Ummah are the miscreants of the NNB Jamiat and the MJC with their hollow and insincere call for unity on baatil. If they abstain from interfering with the Shariah, the community will not be afflicted with the disease of moon-madness.





Assuming that the 22 sightings were genuine, then too, the decision to proclaim Eid was in conflict with the Shariah. The reasons have already been explained in this article. In a nut shell, the Shar’i position is as follows:

(i) The skies were beautifully clear. The Shariah therefore requires Jamm Ghafeer for confirmation of sighting the Eid hilaal.

(ii) The 22 individuals scattered in five different localities do not constitute Jamm Ghafeer.

(iii) The sightings of Johannesburg are not valid for the Shaafi’ community beyond a radius of 48 miles. It was therefore moronic and in flagrant conflict with the Shariah in terms of the Shaafi’ Math-hab for the MJC and other Shaafi’ ulama outfits to have accepted the moon news from their Johannesburg BOGUS counterparts.

This being the position of the Shariah, Muslims in South Africa and those in the U.K. who had erroneously followed South Africa, should fast one day qadha. Ignore the stupid howlings of the BOGUS cartel of morons posing as ulama. They are in the scope of the following Hadith. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said:

“Verily, I fear for my Ummah the Aimmah Mudhilleen”

The ‘Aimmah Mudhilleen’ are the scholars for dollars – the ulama-e-soo’ who mislead the masses with their corrupt ‘fatwas’ in total conflict with the Shariah.

[By Maulana Ahmad Sadeq Desai]

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