Women in Musaajid


An article, “The Masaajid and Muslim Women”, written by Maulana/Sheikh Adam Moosa Makda of Zimbabwe, and distributed by the Zimbabwe Islamic Mission has just been brought to our notice. Perusal of the article convinced us of the harm and Imaani damage which the baatil views propounded by the author can cause to unwary Muslims. We have therefore considered it our Islamic duty to prepare this refutation of the baseless and un-lslamic exposition of the question presented by the modernist Maulana/Sheikh .

The Maulana/Sheikh has acted in violation of the Sunnah by having chosen a stand in opposition to the exhortation of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Rasulullah(sallallahu alayhi wasallam) exhorted women to remain indoors and to perform their acts of Ibaadat in the innermost recesses of their homes. In direct contrast, the Maulana/Sheikh has deemed it appropriate and worthy of his position as an Aalim to ignore the wishes and exhortation of Nabi-e-Kareem (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). It has, therefore, become imperative for us to lay bare the facts and dispel the darkness which clouds the baatil opinions of the Maulana/Sheikh, which he sought to administer to the Ummah as facts of the Shariah. But, baatil shall be exposed and demolished by Allah Ta’ala. The Quran Majeed declares:

“In fact, We fling the Haqq against Baatil and it (Haqq) smashes out its brains. Then, suddenly it (Baatil) perishes. And there is Wail (Jahannum and destruction) for you on account of what you are blabbing.” (Surah Ambiyaa)

(Since the author is introduced as an “Aleem” of Nadwatul Ulama of Lucknow and a Sheikh of the Islamic University of Medina, we have described him with, the double title “Maulana/Sheikh”. When one graduates at a Deeni Madaaris in India or Pakistan, one is known as a “Maulana”, not as an “Aleem”. “Aleem” is among the attributes exclusive to Allah Ta’ala).

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